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  • 00:00: for a sample of this pattern recruit chain of August 20 stitches we do sc retreat one two three 4 5 6 7 and that of the seventh the hook knit provyazyvaem 4 column with sc ie pairs the first column is not film 1 they will all be one total base loop
  • 00:30: two columns linked it is between the air them and here is knit two more all we will four of these bars tied this is in retreat We are fighting and Loop 1 in the third knit column with sc and so on a number to each a third loop we provyazyvat post with
  • 01:00: sc and here is Now that is just short two are now dark impose our four column January 2 one air between not so April 3 here we have a topic
  • 01:32: the bottom two loops miss two loops we have 2 in the third column so parsing 2 1 Air its bill and at the end of a number of well
  • 02:06: I digress 1 2 2 Loop third post with nakida first row we bound chain recovery you very much and 2 rows Now we here at these air loop ie on January 2 we Air that girl we are not the same pen rather call of 4 bars so we
  • 02:36: made meals chain climb to 3 aerial loops and We begin to knit 4 bar and two column of air these 4 how are 400 vetch and we do sc provyazyvaem embossed front column picks camping over here this
  • 03:06: column sc under 2 and brakes and replay embossed front or convex differently called at the end of second row, he
  • 03:38: master column with sc and chain my rules of 3 air loops so Turn the knit third row in the third row we knit the same not handle bars 4 separated 1 4 and inside air Now this one Our relief column how we knit wrong so we
  • 04:08: We pick up camping now back here so here he's a lesson from face look track but here it is in you knit backing then 4 column air see 4
  • 04:38: backing loop column 4 at the end there She also we provyazyvaem post with sc I insert the hook straight a loop but it is possible to appear upper edge Newsome short-chain here We go on knitting 4 a number of air ie turn
  • 05:16: before games April 3 here knit the fourth row here we relief column will be with the person that is Convex and then we start without rather than faith then it turns out that in all even rows we about monograms the raised column in front odd we
  • 05:49: provyazyvaem with its back side how wrong over and clear and cook for knitting will then have we define the front side and tying there is the whole point of this the pattern is that it Such are the paths these were supplemented by Wizard, you and we continue knitting but here provyazat
  • 06:22: one two three April 5 six 7 series and so he looks whether relief columns book and placed with on the reverse side pattern so he, I would not say that much pull here you bollards hold good yield bottom angry Yarn Crochet but between easy to fit in quickly I remind you here with us only four column 1 is divided into
  • 06:53: Air here on front side we provyazyvaem front relief column or bulging in my s hands who do not know they do not know and a reference may give see here and in backstitches series Remote Control born as a wrong accurate hook to introduce the reverse side of the enough so