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  • 00:00: this figure It called flower the basket is his the front side of it Wrong sometimes the wrong side It uses a we face to consider knitting Now it is rare used as front side here This scheme of knitting release does not repeat December 16 here represented only odd ranks the even rows of tally
  • 00:32: so can the loop have over facial hinges previous series tied purl loops over purl loops previous row provyazyvayutsya facial sc provyazyvayutsya purl loops the horse is not repeated 18 loops and the height of repeats a fragment of the eight series that is here these
  • 01:03: Now here they are 8 species now only shifted consider this These fragment 5 loops as it corresponds to the the most baskets in pattern tass here this on the front part side fit
  • 01:33: purl loops 2 purl facial Now this part is like he would have a bunch of lo is here It begins and It ends with fragment four hinges together provyazyvat front with specific slope began the right slope end of the fragment lean to the left between the them remains 5
  • 02:03: facial loops In order to maintain the number of loops in we have our experts decreases we do capes is a series of sc provyazyvaetsya 1 then next row on seamy side how to look at the loop face over here this fragment tally facial loops and then repeated over the
  • 02:33: the first four rows field cut We begin to knit on with the first series circuit the first three loops, we seamy then comes the fragment 4
  • 03:10: front with a loop tilt right here since I'm knitting grandmother loops that to make the slope to the right I make a copy with 4 loops so don and their provyazyvaem along one face here is the slope
  • 03:44: right. then we knit on alternate sc and facial Loop 6 sc and 5 facial loops Deere front nakida sc sc front 3 front nakida sc front face sc the next moment here ie the 4 loops together with the face
  • 04:14: tilt the left loop see already how to but they do not reshoot provyazyvaem together an oblique to the left on the scheme we have 2 backstitches games to get very clear pattern here scheme repeat 2X chase is not 18 loops a38 there are two
  • 04:44: time circuit 36 plus 2 edge. I get between here these fragments 5 backstitches loops see 2 provyazat begin to repeat these three ie dovyazyvaya 3 backstitches loop and then the pattern repeats there are now 3 loops 4
  • 05:14: loops along the front with right slope reshoot who knits classical purl loop Be careful about the when you are in the development of 4 loops together on again nakida sc front face 3 4 5 nakida
  • 05:44: 4 loops along the front with a slope to the left not reshoot and 2 backstitches Bookshelf Cutter 2 Artist
  • 06:15: next row on wrong side we knit because you Thomas loops 1 loop rented then we have 2 personal who knit sign Wrong face the whole country then then sc go wrong 13 backstitches loops 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 i.e.
  • 06:47: here we provyazyvaetsya this is here are some of the edges are we are facial loops are provyazyvalis of four and then
  • 07:17: sc alternating sc and facial hinge 11 here I cut within 5 facial loops well here it is again 13 1 loop 4 3 2 3 So
  • 07:48: 6 all 8 have an appetite wine 13 and loop 3 dovyazyvaem facial Lisa Lisa I'll start know 6 turn knitting
  • 08:20: the next row we Now the scheme 3 everything moves at all just purl loops facial 5 backstitches 11 alternates facial 2 here as the first while here only three backstitches pulse
  • 09:00: then we dovyazyvaem the number and provyazyvaem another number on the underside side as we knitted previous a back row So we knit 4 number scheme 1 2 3 4 Now we will have 5 series is a range of fit
  • 09:30: just as well in a 1 cm Again knit 3 backstitches loop 4 together then loops front slope to the right reshoot for this physics and provyazyvayu We do next sc
  • 10:15: facial 1 Pair 2 3 the fourth is on 6 May on 4 sts front law fuck then 5 backstitches loops 4 front loop again
  • 10:54: together with slope to the right and again with sc
  • 11:26: 2 loops 5 He pounced on the edges obtained and last four loops along the front with a slope to the left concludes seamy because it turns out
  • 11:57: Now we here how to get the first would another will now be second we knit 3 rows knit then purl right and wrong we have received 8 series Now all of these tie then see sixth row
  • 12:28: 13 backstitches loops Friday
  • 13:00: 113 seamy 3 facial
  • 13:32: Now I knit another 2 series has turned out here this fragment again Refer to the corresponding between a circuit and between Here we see a sample scheme fragments here he
  • 14:02: the sample is then he is here this bouquet of the further word kartinochka itself and so Further more we It is but a repetition of we have shifted first row knit that is, on 9 and 10 August that get now basically the same techniques start with front loop face
  • 14:32: sc sc front front loop sc 4 together with the face Lean to the left greeting 5 backstitches 4 front with loops
  • 15:11: tilted to the right and more a pair of front nakida five pairs and the last man
  • 15:41: 1 2 3 4 May nakida 4 front loop again together with slope to the left 5 backstitches three front with loops
  • 16:21: tilted to the right 2 loops along the front sc
  • 16:51: sc front face sc Of course that's a number of us mountains we see a bunch of to round out the mask People write on number of backing this Now we get this here such verhushechku
  • 17:24: Does knit from similarly all previous sc provyazyvaem Wrong and awl It has the following advice purl then 5 facial loops after 13 backstitches
  • 18:02: board 12 trans. 5 face again
  • 18:37: and said that Friday now we see
  • 19:09: as if the end of bags with wrong side of facial here start new Sounds too that's where I a basket for the we have tied It is now 9 number ten steel backing gear boxes should be