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Stimulators kalluso educations on inoculations. Experiment result.  See details »

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  • 00:00: so all Hello, here's me it's time to go desktop winter tides or rooted cuttings who deals with Komi own seedlings and everyone is confronted with which it 's still better apply stimulants root formation maybe not It is worth applying a if we use it which one is better and how they use one say this good this one works others use they also say good things
  • 00:30: who is to believe this apply well let's understand but it was also held here such a small experience the experience of the contest is there is I decided to hold to do with a girl to this time see how they influence stimulants or stimulants for one of the video I announced the contest that there are willing
  • 01:00: share their knowledge of who than uses share tell and for it get a surprise in general experience already the results are visible conversation experiments one grade was taken 140 rootstock scion all stored in the same conditions soak the same river was conducted equally
  • 01:30: stratification was conducted neither on someone that is everything was done the same way stratification was stratification lasted twenty four days that is today since inoculation passed 24 days and let's watch what stimulants like influenced and will choose better before we have 10 puppies vaccinated without use of any stimulus stimulant look the first three
  • 02:02: round excellent whiskers we have here that is the distance occurred excellent rest here are 4 cows formed not in a circle that is here we have a bad coalescence see from one side have callus hello runetu such cuttings vaccinations are considered abnormal well then
  • 02:32: there are not worth a do not plant continue their absence Orsha any development and 3 callus did not appear at all that is, we see instead of we have a connection there is no gauss root formation We were seeing abscesses as if here we are small here germs of rootlets are
  • 03:03: as if root formation there is but a fusion influence is small very that is three normal everything else from cancer above us 10 cuttings inoculation of which was made with using solutions more of humor was taken 2am bays 1 percentage of new
  • 03:33: solution was dissolved for 250 milliliters of water component for kell for two three seconds see what results 5 cuttings here Kaa formation ideal peephole is already the same went growth of some still delayed well seen through paraffin as it already swells and is about to move to
  • 04:03: growth the next 4 classes education is but sometimes it's not for we see a circle with one side on there are no sides on the top one does not serve at all signs of life shmaram already too roots are formed perfectly visible on raves callas and here seen even small
  • 04:35: koreshochki same that is such here it is already possible disembark that's the way that stalk 1 which made a habit and showed on video a lot I had questions to which side should look through this vaccination was executed on the edge that is, we look directions of affection of the stock is relation with areas of publicity graft to 90 degrees and
  • 05:06: Here we see the result Colossus circular beautiful it was humor 50 to 50 and so before us 10 living at which used honey Anatolia is not present wrote what you need
  • 05:36: take 1 teaspoon honey and dilute them on half a liter of water and dunk components on 57 seconds well, and see what happens this whole it turned out we see two cuttings excellent circular cows and even there is a little bit root rudiments
  • 06:07: first two others six Kaa formation very weak is places that is not circular video as a two more do not serve at all no signs life that is callus not at all root formation
  • 06:38: weak well it can be compare as well as without honey that is 2 out of 10 and here we are 10 cuttings during vaccination of which was used heteroauxin so to me I wrote Sergey take one xeno guitar tablet
  • 07:09: diluted in 10 milliliters of alcohol a then 10 milliliters Alcohol diluted at 200 milliliters of water and dunk components on two three seconds that's 10 crayons we look. compared to the tamper it blossomed less what we needed was tusi thyroxine detained
  • 07:39: blooming is visible only small here dissolving cows formed on all ten cut from 10 call with circular nice then there is a way out one hundred percent look at root formation on them as abscesses callus is already visible some even here
  • 08:11: there are small roots and this is already wholly-owned rootedness is visible roots for example and yes circular excellent colossus and the kidney is only Here begins to swell too, here we look circular on the rails then there is soon here there will be roots and also circular cows the result is simple
  • 08:43: a great many thanks sergei nikolayevich than congratulate him on me a prize to him, like promised that is, here we see exit baguette roxi for all 100 percent 10 was done and 10 came out ideal here I want more
  • 09:16: show two cherries night on which vaccination was is not using the acceptance pruner ugly but with the help of acceptance knife and century this is called ocularization of the butt there was a cut bud Search. Here she is vaccinated here too used in more he sees no did not detain
  • 09:47: blossoming of a kidney there is an extreme education is here Well, weak for this increase where is a little bit 3 times less even have 2 roses thrown away such roses always should be deleted on
  • 10:18: cuttings which we forgive because We do not need a crop they will take over fill completely all power of growth is removed simply by counting easy 1 2 here so but how are we we see on this cuttings
  • 10:48: the big increase went simple but completely there are no roots yet that is, cutting on at the moment he still does not feed but pulls out of himself all nutritious substances that you need to make us here leave two sheet and pinch it top
  • 11:18: in order to suspend he is growing by 2 weeks remove up with these kidney in the sinuses leaves then wake up and fall. growth further stems will continue evolve Thus, we now stopped him point Growth Sheet Works on photosynthesis and now all the forces will be are aimed at the formation of roots there is no need to think
  • 11:49: that if here went to growth then we will have it OK because the stabbing afterwards may simply he is going to perish here all of us nutrients spend it on green growth He will not have roots there will be nothing for him eat more and he just dies here so if we have such situation that you need to do situations but was conducted but also
  • 12:24: such a small experience it is clear that such experiments should be conducted institutes special laboratories for more precise impact studies stimulants on whom from and education I spent my here is a little to understand yet how simulator is better affects education callus hope this video will help you when
  • 12:56: selection of stimulant figure out what it's better what's worse for everyone for food wish successful vaccination successful sprouting cuttings good to you seedlings in stable harvests to all new video who liked it put it like so far