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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends I gardeners continue to sow his seeds I scheduled passion end of February their favorite But in this way such twisting is very I this method like the fact that it is not It requires a lot of space in Anytime you can take the roll out twist and see the state of the seeds and germination and without problem again tighten and put in place in one cup
  • 00:30: placed pretty a lot of twists here's a look here I have and eggplant and peppers and onions many cultures and many varieties, and it is only one cup in the of a few their previous Video I I showed eggplant and sowed pepper and today I I continue to wreak such way to stay tomato seeds but I I decided a little improve their twisting and make small changes in I will now
  • 01:01: other delineate or I reliability they will fix that We do not drive it protect against confusion varieties I sowed eggplant and pepper, I I showed you how delimit grade cut-off on the grade of plastic cup strips but when sowing tomatoes I'll use another variant distinguish between Eli's I bought in a department disposable tableware
  • 01:31: such which stirrers call not at all intended for mixing sugar disposable cups to me they just seemed Convenient to them differentiate grade the grade that's a pity sure that there punched holes without They would be even better but it's nothing wrong number by which I have designated grade I I will write here one side they have a such as would groove
  • 02:01: and the other is smooth and that's this smooth party just convenient write a waterproof thin marker number Now I will show you which varieties of tomatoes I I will network from today Red I sow First grade is Kremlin chimes it is middle macrocarpa from 350 to 500 grams bush Average height from 70 to meters in height marmo d next grade
  • 02:31: this early ripe Dutch grade Selection weight fetus 160 180 g the height of the bush 80 120 centimeters fruits appointment universal grade for open ground of crimson, I will sow first grade bovine heart red variety popular medium weight later fetuses of 300 to 500 gram of water and red
  • 03:02: crimson heart-shaped salad destination for greenhouses and open ground the next grade favorite medium previously tall weight fetal times 250 400 gram in the crimson color salad destination for greenhouses and open ground from yellow varieties bullish heart of gold The mid tall weight fetus from 400 to 600 grams
  • 03:32: fruit cone shape golden yellow color following lemon medium late giant silnorosly weight fetal 250,500 grams fruits lemon yellow color ploskookrugloy form salad destination for greenhouses and open ground the next grade miracle Mid-light tall frets
  • 04:02: extended cylindrical shape medium size lemon yellow 80 120 gram weight grade prized for the ability of well ripen for a long time stored for use in conservation and fresh from unusual varieties I have tiger LA this early ripening bush tall fruit original painting orange-red
  • 04:32: yellow-green stripes fruit weight 100,130 grams for canning and fresh for greenhouses and open the soil so I introduced you varieties that I will sow and Now directly to to planting for cigarettes can use any strips polyethylene or plastic bags but I have remarks about packages in my opinion they should not be
  • 05:02: much broader and best to have them It was such side additions because of much wider packages are obtained is too long cigarettes but these addition then create inconvenience I said that I very like use strips made from milk packets band turns thick and hand-rolled cigarette It holds its shape well that is not leans well should not
  • 05:32: unwinds under film to put some towel that she It absorbs excess water put the film on towel on top film stack toilet paper layer folds over the edge lightly spray water water I add one spoon 3 percent
  • 06:03: hydrogen peroxide on half a liter of water further stack such same band on the lower edge Now you need a good Moisten the paper with water Now I have to greater reliability I put one strip
  • 06:33: the upper paper edge start spread seeds from the left edge I digress 3-4 centimeter it will Sunset after I curled from a cigarette the upper edge 1 or retreat half centimeter after I He laid the seeds one sort I put delineate
  • 07:03: il and the note on it number the same number to write on bag with seeds and also the very continue lay another grade after which again put delimit il after I pile for this band all varieties are on It fit in After putting
  • 07:33: delimit il the last grade and now need lock or delimit to them when and unwinding torsion cigarettes not slid for that I take again toilet paper and I put on top of the seed and delimit Eli top and bottom it turns out that or delimit
  • 08:03: well documented and seed additional layer then left tighten all roll since the end I was laying out the seeds from left to right and I spin the other way around Now put females ru Chick in which pour some water and glass can to deliver the package and tie it will turn small and Teplicka after the seeds
  • 08:33: germinate can be remove package cigarettes ascended the seedlings can be kept up to three weeks without any fertilizing but if such after three weeks start adding water any liquid complex based fertilizer humic acids seedlings can and hold for longer if necessary, but only fertilizer should be very small concentration about three or four or even 5 times less
  • 09:04: it is written in instructions on packaging so here dear friends I you shared and what grade I sow and I planted and showed my improved cigarette and my video came to end and I'm with you I wish you goodbye other than sprouting all bye bye to you it was Tatiana gardener to new appointments