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Useful beet salad with walnuts.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone, I adore beets , the more so very useful and not I wanted today make a quick simple salad it is done for minutes but need in advance boil the beets and if someone is observing post I think this lettuce is just in topic salad is not new someone it might be often makes it easy I will remind if you forgot Here I made the beets in water it is possible and bake in the oven as used to doing
  • 00:31: somewhere I have here three medium beets and they at me such long walnut somewhere 50 grams took and chopped with a knife not grind hard Here's how a small do not like when get such nuts mediocre pieces to were felt there is a taste nuts chopped 3 cloves of garlic beets on a coarse grater garlic through a press and all mixed up
  • 01:02: add a little bit salt to taste [music] garlic through press and nuts take a vegetable butter unrefined I when do salads with vegetable oil I always add unrefined vegetable oil It gives locks and the taste is mixed salad is ready if you do not like garlic can he not
  • 01:32: lay she and so it will be delicious a beet salad can be cook with any products sweet salad add go walnuts dried apricots prunes all anything i think you know these fans just like that mixed tried to salt if not enough add more if you prefer mayonnaise but this is already will be more harmful so let's say it's hard for them mayonnaise all now
  • 02:02: lay out About the Christmas tree not on salad to steal a little so i'm a little girl put it on the dish from above I will sprinkle a little bit left nuts walnut for beauty and since he has me acute unsweetened slightly for beauty and greens a bundle of fresh such I will have a salad on dinner and tea
  • 02:33: I recommend prepare such cookies too today cooked this cookie on a boat very tasty and fast is done without eggs and just think in the post too, where you go all elementary fast tasty and healthy I wish you health good mood cook and bye bye [music]