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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends today video I made kiln bypass working with wood that can be cook food and parallel receiving hot water for household needs this furnace design very simple and basic component part This course of 10 car and 1 that must now make uninstall furniture and brew hermetically hole
  • 00:30: on which he sat then I take the strip sheet steel two and a robber half three millimeter I fry around disk Well, we are now
  • 01:51: you need all scald solid god and after a ROM hermetically scalded bus I take two slices half-inch pipe 1 which is sliced Kudimov thread on
  • 02:21: the other is cut such Now for herringbone dressing irrigation now two hoses pieces of tubes welded into the furnace there which is threaded ovarium subjected furnace where sliced Herringbone aquarium under them and after welding I drilled ducts
  • 02:51: they object and the last and the fact that I will make is welded air furnace tripod so Well nails are ready now I connect my tap hose code and wind the Mighty screen
  • 03:24: Well it looks like this pitch is now ready you can smooth out right fire and water the times check it operability but while flares I will briefly fire I talk about the principle this action
  • 03:54: dual-stove for such a furnace can be easy to prepare meat on the barbie smiths as well as possible prepare meals various utensils and while you are busy cooking this second circuit oven heats the water for domestic use and It happens when by water shirts that we created in the scalded this error and connected water shirt to a water supply we get to the exit hot water and while I I will be up to this 5
  • 04:26: cook your own eggs at this time it will be able check very a large number of water nose I can say about this
  • 04:56: liver is very convenient very simple and very practical design because during cooking we and still get hot water Well everyone interested I liked the idea Like and not put Remember but I subscribe to you as always briefly say goodbye all while friends
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