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  • 00:00: [music] Good day dear my audience and subscribers today We will prepare very tasty things potato sausage bake it will oven I'm very tasty dish I cook it rare but Now it wanted Andrew probably my subscriber asked ready to make another sausage and here I
  • 00:31: and I remember me I wanted to have a quieter ingredients that have that will prepare for cooking potato sausage needed in the floor a kilogram of potatoes She shined his vodichki till onion pieces 2 100 grams of fat I not very fresh salted beautiful overgrown Kishi how much to I even then they compete
  • 01:03: I purely and Jakishev it is bought He cleared the soap and freezer were only thawed and all once I grind lip potatoes I grind blender It will normally be meat sausage is possible make lean option writing only for frying onions vegetable oil Now potatoes We add our bow crushed stir onion give potatoes
  • 01:33: darken for sale roasting shall cut small cubes shkurochku take this sausage also apply on a festive table It is eaten in the first turn submit your meat sausage store will already visit this sausage grind garlic fat has to rely on small window overview on to become heated with Now I am showing of
  • 02:05: blush and because shkvarochki you stoked alive all set Put the cooking it does not mix brew nothing pieces there with me Now meat stuffing sausage should be given a taste of the I have here the salt pepper and even a bay leaf Ground I like shin the point is I
  • 02:35: This mixture was left rice another villa without adding anything salt pepper exotic Nitsche like if something else then add to your personal taste what you like well, Sarah of course try the taste and make it enough sony somewhere half teaspoon salt should be even add to bundles ingredient in without such a top is not very full teaspoon
  • 03:05: spoon mask Mid prepared and I already sliced produced a shock tie end sausages using This nozzle will Kishi's fill this tip I for meat sausage for such and so hides in reality it is necessary to I was sound
  • 03:36: special wooden spoon very good at long face pushes see see how easy just to be quieter in our town is not problem with guts Meat Pavilion Come full of them although I have seen summer and in supermarket sold write It was . with such meat Department lotochek you massive write you more We show time fill and pushes and hand like this
  • 04:07: Burst because that the mass of dense rather does not flow filled sausage one end tied body and tied all just just not tying that took the air just do not take Assistant itself to someone help
  • 04:37: most certainly not very clever but most men wounded because she I have a flat sausage round here I thy greased vegetable oil laid and do I'm following specifically took meter clear tape how to measure went intestine this chip two feet and It is 40 centimeters but about a meter on the chips shelf back potatoes and half a meter so the chips
  • 05:07: Now puncture gingival 200 released the oven is not a strong Fire hundred degrees two hundred and eighty and to browning browns will Here is ready to see how sulked for half an hour it stitched sausage baked caked sausages for about an hour almost an hour baked sausage turned Another novelty which not burst turned when well it happens
  • 05:37: there is no longer insured pierced and all nothing wrong reef sausage I take a piece here I cut in on her husband fells these yummy shkvarochki meat sals them felt they fell out and generally tasty gut propeklas she is so pretty not reaching for teeth
  • 06:07: easy to bite and It chews delicious dish advise cook with me use my recipes on the go my channel sign up like the video if put the huskies Bake good mood and you always succeed from a cook sausage main purchase and Kishi Ingredients simplest and get a very tasty dish from the OSCE and good luck cooking