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  • 00:00: welcome you to channel our kitchen today your I will request cook cutlets beef liver these burgers are very tender and very juicy and prepared very easily and fast to learn secrets remain on our channel [music] to begin with I take 3 tablespoons oatmeal and pour boiling water I pour so here
  • 00:32: so here is the result of covered the entire surface here and I leave minutes 15 I took 600 grams beef liver I cut here pieces look some pieces and will interrupt interrupt in a blender in two steps [music] so I milled this
  • 01:02: at 1 1 1 piece look obtaining such tours Here porridge liver ready now to me you need to decorate it add the liver oatmeal It will be more tasty and more useful and stir all [music]
  • 01:33: I take two bulbs here one big 1 smaller in total onion I do not regret it onions juice I cut the onion into small chips so I cut I am now going to fry it I pour a little vegetable oil Get enough sleep fried onions onion is now ready
  • 02:07: he needs to cool down Well, I will submit it to the liver so add onions and mixing everything I add another tablespoon spoon flour can add egg well, I somehow got used add a little flour is now well salt
  • 02:38: I love to Liver cutlets had such the more brackish I have here flakes are also not salt and pepper all and I am stirred fry Now on a heated I poured a pan oil and more spoon I will spread
  • 03:08: such small burgers [music] they are fried very very quickly in such pancakes somewhere probably seconds Thirty-one and on the other hand side as well as all they fry us, I
  • 03:45: they spread a pan [music] and run the following party [music] [music]
  • 04:32: Now I take 200 grams sour cream pour somewhere half glass of water and this is rarely done gruel Salem to be good I filled points and add grass well for myself, I chosen little basil
  • 05:02: dried all this I I will pour burgers so throw on top lavrushku where do without and her close foil foil here I tucking to the liquid is dripped in oven like this post 200
  • 05:35: degrees somewhere 30-35 minutes to 30 minutes passed patties ready Look how many obtained 600 grams of a lot Now I will try burgers look What they got here are loose look not so air because a lot of onion I have I put the place of oatmeal
  • 06:05: even put wheat porridge too very, very well with getting them sleep It turns to the cage delicious Now finally taste it very soft very tasty very gently very creamy a bit like paste can be fed any vegetables we here you can tomatoes
  • 06:35: any salinity cabbage with cucumbers in general about very late all pleasant appetite thanks that were with me and watched my video cook quickly tasty and economical subscribe to our kitchen channel all happy [music]