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  • 00:00: Good day my favorite subscribers But if you only I know how much you give motivation I hope you get mutually and all my dear viewers click the red button I'll sign up all very much for you all with pleasure work my name is lana vi you on my channel obliged face today We consider another of modelku my review vintage magazines
  • 00:30: I've got such a Collection link at Video for video please look who did not see I'm reading comments under it and I choose models that most liked Track One this modelka from old magazine 90 year open-france with her there is a small complexity it is therefore no schemes I will be very you try me Get well if I well mistaken because
  • 01:00: I do not see the hook I I have said and what is my Regular viewers so they say come up without all thuja I can still technical issues for yes girls under the video you have smashed a time click on the desired Forums you get once on the way or another part of the description Now put on who needs a break consider
  • 01:30: increase the screen and a video and gear if needed more quickly squander please it to computer model full growth at the bottom of gum cuffs also with a small rubber band and is such a turn turn turns this neck in square on the back but too little is less all looked on the edge to
  • 02:00: back shelf you size centimeters for each but Incidentally gum 7 cm height and that here the neck this is now on shelves and a little less on the back that is on one box below Now Yarn Yarn barges ranks de france carp as they write Now it was her, I do not I found but now in the shop I guess it the breakdown was 50
  • 02:30: gram that is, the first two size you need 300 grams and in the last 52 350 and hook 175 mm now even they recommend here I show here it is this yarn then yes yes Karasin here it is so accurate see was 50 grams Hank he called the one hundred percent cotton Mayor called cotton series but this one here I I found it as
  • 03:00: I found tons marsalis Now you tell what sort of features So in the past 50 Three hundred grams Fifty meters just let this one hook 175 millimeters and Now today and But today I wear it There are currently while referring to them I I found this one to tons r-series this cotton but he is one hundred percent packaging at 100 x and 565 grams of footage
  • 03:30: meters in the 100 but to see grams 100 percent cotton, that recommendations 2 millimeter but there sleep but I painted I think that the hook it is also nice here Now it turns out that there was 50 grams and 300 I will say that 50 meters there are already 100 meters and 700 grams here 100 grams It turns 565 meters Well that is about it 500 Six hundred meters
  • 04:01: Roughly speaking so much so well And so it turns out you Repellent But if by magazine recommendation 100 Grams turns on 700 meters should be 300 grams then there's 2100 meters should be here, and well, divide by the yardage that some the modern yarn which have now you can buy and that reduces obtained the number of grams of well so everything is very about girls well at
  • 04:31: as you I hope, you You know what I mean I tell my idea It is now clear We proceed to conditional designation letter b you do too You will see text to understand focused column with sc then MS column, without sc girls immediately I wrote to you We saw Russian version of the large letters You see this post with two well I sc I hope you understand about what can I say but because I was not well, so
  • 05:01: really if you say Now that there are no m sorry for necklace My Super French connective column I understand it is called polustolbik without sc is here I am with the first models already I remember now just I write here and ML air loop and and another denote m and p, and in my opinion more What that is, but the main thing that it does not matter you understand now What we have here are identifications the work so
  • 05:31: it means pullover It consists of 80 7 motivated to join because not in Russian girls shorter to link this pullover you these must be 87 square motifs connect and succeed then the size blouse 44 as we have said this square McCoy 7 centimeters 7 to 48 and 5 to 52 size 8 centimeters here they write in
  • 06:01: general as always tied on a hook 175 of your yarn take overdone the hook is not smaller enough but these here worlds take the hook more and now my torment I hope not MAGIC then so is necessary dial 4 cycles so cut the Air chain of 3 4 loops no tie chain of 4 air then closing the loop and in the range of one half to
  • 06:32: become, without sc 1 row here means 3 air loop 2 column with 3 nakida aerial loop 3 column with a 2 sc aerial loop 3 column with sc Again two air again three loops column with 1 sc air loop and that we have one polustolbik without sc or in connection the third air loop from the beginning Well I understand 2
  • 07:03: Row 3 air loop 1 column with sc in the same place and that the connection column ie polustolbik without sc previous row 1 column with sc in each the next two column with sc here, or you, or
  • 07:33: under girls but those who I hope you can understand that they They want to convey to us now from the stars to two stars column with sc again live or under air next Air loop 2 Air loops 2 column with nakida well here under or in a column with subsequent sc then 1 column with
  • 08:04: sc in each the next two column with sc Here's a girl or sur either you or under here Here's how to knitting correctly to tell suggests not know and crochet the there are three times repeat of stars to stars finished two columns with nakida well or under following air 1 air loop
  • 08:35: Loop 1 floor polustolbik without sc ie the connective column again third air loop from the beginning April 3 series Knit like 2 vyvyazyvaya each three sides column with nakida well plus the fact there are still 3 third row it turns 9
  • 09:07: columns with sc in each with a sc either side and fourth row already obtained 12 columns with sc that is, with each hand as I understand it 5 number here I carefully a little here Hard to 1 Overhead Loop 1 column, without sc 2 under the arch of air loops but I am so that's now I understand from
  • 09:37: stars to asterisk again one column, without sc in each column with sc followed by three column, without sc again under the arch 2 stitches the next two air loops so well it is clear to knit from and to and finish one column without sc at last then one arch
  • 10:09: connective bar or polustolbik without sc In air this air loop from the beginning as a series of 6 6 stitches 1 column two These two sc Two more letters abbreviation of two aerial loops and again with one column two sc in connective
  • 10:41: bar that ends previous row Now he stars then yes Stars miss two loops 1 column two Air nakida 2 Loop 1 post with two sc in following after next column without sc 1 group Lisa and thus
  • 11:12: four times again miss two loops 1 column two Air nakida 2 Loop 1 column world Air nakida 2 loop again unity quickly sc 2 aerial loops and one bar with two sc in column without blowing sc column, without sc it gets longer angle repeat from up to complete one
  • 11:43: column two sc in connective bar that ends in previous row 1 Overhead Loop 1 polustolbik without sc the fourth air loop from the start here that's the end of the sixth a number that you did not see Now a series of 7 1 Overhead loop 3
  • 12:13: column, without sc in each arch of 2 stitches Now m is one column, without sc step groups the entree there is the beginning of each group and finish one connection column until he will think then number 8 easier and easier so so one air
  • 12:43: Loop 1 column without sc in each column, without sc and as it is now three column, without sc in column, without sc each angle Fuh chastised do Now excuse me It means for size our first 44 all breaking off the thread and complete for size 48 penetrate further 1 series circular to
  • 13:17: these m columns without sc so that is we here at YA just as eighth row too cut the thread and complete but for 52 What do we mean again 22 series repeat bars without sc and I almost remembered as as the eighth row me all the same
  • 13:47: and finish on this We came to the gum bottom pullover then dial a chain of 30 loops knit and eighty eighty-two eight or reality ninety six centimeters elastic bars without sc so that is knit columns without sc constantly introducing the hook but I did not pray
  • 14:20: the rear wall loop can it be Now it's the question etc. Now cuffs Hose on brothers a chain of loops 9 knit that's forty-two Forty-five 48 centimeters eraser columns, without sc and a bracket for neck dial 9 Here you will hinge SFA 9 hinge means Visa became columns
  • 14:51: sc without a rubber band 2 2 strips of here length 21, 22 and May 24 centimeter for it horizontal floor plan and quiet someone on the neck if they can be so call points and plan 2 but such planochki seventeen with eighteen half 20 centimeters of vertical and that the assembly assembly put together
  • 15:22: one row of squares after these connection Well following columns design that's when I I showed you today wait a minute here and so expand the means Forty-five goes here of square motifs on the back and 42 decide on the shelf means that trims
  • 15:52: tied for starting starting with the neck horizontal and then the same vertical and at the end you should get such neck turn my dear and beloved Most handmade We finished today thank you very much for Attention not subscribe judge strictly than I could not help I see the hook Just now I will transfer translate remember then in the runs and such not tie
  • 16:22: all you good really I love you and I wait until we meet again