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The MOST DELICATE SMETANNIK. Simple recipe. 4K HD  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone with you Tanya and you on the channel delicious fingers lick tonight I I offer you cook very delicious and delicate sour cream just conquer your a heart very tasty and yet prepared very easily of the simplest ingredients so let's get started in the bowl we kill 4 eggs add here 2
  • 00:30: a glass of sugar desire can be add less sugar if you like baking was not very sweet and now eggs with sugar whipped and how I will keep whisking about a minute sulfur now add here 400 milliliters sour cream I use 20 processes of sour cream and also add here 2 tablespoons
  • 01:01: vegetable oil [music] and now everything also carefully mix a mixer further we will need 2 cups flour flour it is necessary to sift through sieve side me volume 250 milliliters 2 100 grams turned out 250 gram of flour and here add 2 teaspoonfuls
  • 01:32: spoons of baking powder [music] mix and sift flour into dough and also all carefully mix a mixer the dough is ready this consistency we get it now necessary prepare a
  • 02:03: baking at my forum diameter 21 centimeters cover parchment paper look how I usually do in order so that here our fairly even spoon paper I just cut out the cube and I cut along the edges to such are stripes and thus zooming in easy to fit the shape of a paper I'm nothing do not lubricate and now we need a dough divided into four parts because we have there will be 4 cakes and I
  • 02:33: pour one the fourth part of the test Our form is baked cakes in the oven heated up to 200 degrees about 30-40 minutes and now prepare sour cream the cream is very I just take 400 milliliters of sour cream you can even take slightly more sugar I add 4 dining rooms spoons [music] machine all beat up mixer is ready and so coriander ready
  • 03:05: only soak them cream in bulk each layer of sour cream [music]