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Hexagonal motive "Подсолнух" \/ Crochet hexagon  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi all today I I will knit this hexagonal motif it is very popular since knitted quickly and fairly easy for him more frequently often used these are the color combinations to remind but sunflower and other colors he looks pretty well as his You can safely knit 1 ton minimum the number of rows in This hexagon 4 its you'll knit two hundred thread seventy-one meter 100 grams
  • 00:30: use for this hook size 3 millimeters and so for I started doing moving that is to say the ring liters fingers looking for some hook grab ring I stretch working thread and also 4 air lifting loop 1 2 3 4, they replace the first column on knitting column two 1 sc sc do the hook 2 sc
  • 01:01: I am looking for some hook in ring grab I stretch working I grab the thread working thread and 2 loops provyazyvayu with grab working thread and provyazyvayu two more loops together It left two loops I grab the thread and I provyazyvayu it would have I got 2 column I continue column places sc I should just received 18
  • 01:31: columns including four loops recovery after tied 18 columns ring and tightens I connect in series fourth air loop lift it It is immediately in front of a column of the loop column for which It is located in front of her has a lifting loop
  • 02:01: I am looking for some hook for both wall grab and I stretch working thread through all loops further 2 aircraft sc loop on the hook and plants in the hook base two air children after the capture of and pulling seen
  • 02:35: level after Klitschko this one more sc we start to get the hook as exciting and thread We pull it Five loops on hook we have them and provyazyvaya knit another air loop on the next loop we had to take exactly the same magnificent column on sc grab hook stretch thread on
  • 03:05: Klitschko still level one captured sc blame on provyazyvayu all loops together and another air loop we need to link 18 such lush columns after I tied 18 lush bars and a information in a number of second lifting loop I am looking for some hook for both
  • 03:40: wall grab working thread and stretches across all loop knit one more air loop I pull and circumcised I want to thread saktsentirovat attention on the fact that you you did not save on power how to have a good fix and hide the extra yarn on the reverse side especially it concerns threads that you remain after ring contraction the first round so I I continue to take the thread I am looking for some other color
  • 04:10: hook under air loop that It is located between the two lush and columns I see two pull Air loop January 2 I do sc on the hook I am looking for some hook at the same from one place air loop and I pull thread working thread and
  • 04:40: 2 loops provyazyvayu work two loops do not provyazyvaem did again I am looking for some sc grab hook thread at the same place 2 loops provyazyvayu So we've got two lifting loops and 2 nedovyazannyh column with sc then I provyazyvayu all loops together I see two Air loop 1 2 and the next column I will knit will
  • 05:11: the next interval between two magnificent columns do sc grab I stretch yarn 2 loops provyazyvayu together Cause 2 sc grab I stretch yarn 2 loops provyazyvayu together and see table 3 I do sc grab I stretch yarn 2 loops provyazyvaem together and so you have three nedovyazannyh column provyazyvaem
  • 05:41: all the loops together then knit the two air loop, and so We continue in each the gap between lush columns we should get three nedovyazannyh column with a sc one vertex between each column in the air
  • 06:11: hinges and so I dovyazala all columns after the last y I have two air loops and join in second lifting loop I grab the thread and stretches across all I pull the thread loop and circumcised so I knit three series has not turned circle now I will shape
  • 06:41: hexagon this I take another thread colors and I am looking for some hook in any period between the posts there where there were two air hinges I stretch yarn the next color and knit loop aerial 3 1 2 3 they will be replaced
  • 07:14: the first column here Also in the same place I have 4 bind to the column sc five bars it will My first area every corner is consist of 5 columns with a sc columns also April 3 and everyone here is this there is
  • 07:50: I have three loops 4 lifting column after which I immediately I see next gap with three columns sc sc hook first column nakida 2 column 3 nakida column on the next
  • 08:20: span as three column 1 February and take the next interval I see 5 bars 1 2 3 fourth and final
  • 08:52: this will be the fifth the second corner after the He continued to knit on the same principle and so I knit all six corners 5 columns with sc each and connect to the third loop lift wherein friend of both wall stretch thread through all loops so I not
  • 09:22: you stop the can here I'll tip to continue to knit one more row here I will lose knit columns without sc and do 2 air hinges recovery next st column, without sc there continue to top of column which is located at
  • 09:52: in the middle of our someone has an average column 5 and of previous columns I provyazyvayu number three column, without sc I go on to the next corner columns, without sc each subsequent loop column without sc all I should received 10 columns to the next corner Yes, I knit 10
  • 10:44: columns and the tip of the middle of the 5 I see three columns column without nakida January 2 3 And so it goes in every corner of the three column at the end of combining a number of second lifting loop but not yet in the loop
  • 11:19: I pull and circumcised I knit thread 5 their ranks to those I its width from the corner to angle was 13 half centimeters to one such a motive I It took 10 grams of yarn if you want make format longer continue knit columns without sc example provyazyvaya one bar in each subsequent loop in Area already but rather the tip the average of the three columns knit 3 column