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  • 00:00: Good afternoon, I want to offer you a pattern report that is of 4 rows of 5 or 2 to specially bravo the number of loops multiple of 4 12 + 1 loop for symmetry pattern on February 13 edge 15 loops 1 remove an edge number continue doing sc 1
  • 00:41: loop not remove provyazyvaya work 3 following loop provyazyvaem such way right needle introduce 3 loop I pulled a long loop does not remove the five years left spokes We do sc and now provyazyvaem all 3
  • 01:11: along the front of the rear wall Now all three loops rented from the left asleep again nakida one loop is not removed provyazyvaya not for Started 3 loops provyazyvaem in the following way enter the right needle 3 pull loop not long loop
  • 01:43: remove the hinges on the left spokes and make sc 3 loops provyazyvaem along the front of the rear wall Now removed 3 loop again nakida loop and shoot provyazyvaem not earns 3 loops provyazyvaem so right
  • 02:13: spoke introduce powertrowel We pull loop long loop We do not remove the loop with left spokes do sc and provyazyvaem 3 loops along the front for rear wall here Now remove the 3 hinges on the left spokes sc remove an edge provyazyvaem 2 wrong number all loop provyazyvaem persons
  • 02:47: and out at night so an edge remove all loop provyazyvaem seamy a loop that shot with sc provyazyvaem Wrong place here they are 1 and sc loop further 3 backstitches 1 to 3 Next go filmed loop and sc
  • 03:18: provyazyvaem them together Further purl 3 purl February 1 and more just shot loop sc provyazyvaem together purl backstitches further 3 times two or three and the last removed with a loop
  • 03:52: sc provyazyvaem backing an edge provyazyvaem seamy Now knit report Now this has turned Now I will be glad if the pattern someone like rolled subscribe to and receive channel New video all kind to new meetings