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Cream cheese low-calorie \u000a\u000aIngredients: \u000a\u000aFermented baked milk (4%) — 500 g \u000aKefir (2,5%) — 500 g \u000aYogurt (0%) — 250 g \u000aLemon — 0,5 pieces \u000a\u000aPreparation: \u000a\u000aActually, on the first step the description of process also comes to an end. For preparation of cheese we need a colander, a gauze, a pan and a bowl. \u000aIn a bowl we pour out fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt. We squeeze out juice of a lemon and we add a tablespoon to dairy mix. We mix. In a colander we lay a gauze in 3-4 layers and we pour out on it dairy mix. Podstavlya...
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