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Low-calorie cottage cheese cookies kerchiefs without oil, eggs with apple - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day dear my audience subscribers today we will prepare cottage cheese biscuits handkerchiefs without eggs and without oil with apple very tasty cookies budget and give dressed so let's start preparation for this cookie It will need 250 grams
  • 00:30: Flour + on swam 100 milliliters natural yoghurt not appease 250 grams of cottage cheese any apple 1 the middle part can be marmalade do well I did not find in the store that next to the cottage I grind blender because I have it such pieces and Added 9 teaspoons
  • 01:01: sugar and that's all I interrupt also add on the floor grams of salt is possible all without the blender hands knead once all but I do cottage cheese in a blender I shuffled such tverdenky home in a bowl I spread on the curtains winds were
  • 01:31: elastic will add yogurt and kefir my case and add the flour knead the dough is not solid obey I knead the dough on table soft should get elastic apple here it is not the middle, I cut here on such thin daughter to
  • 02:02: she run apple you take the biscuit test for mate convenience swinging and roll out thinly on February 3 millimeter cut into squares approximately 5 5 we take an apple laid by the end of bit and zaschipyvaem here a tip
  • 02:36: other trailer stack of cookies on pan the laid paper ungreased street and catch one side or the other fasten all so I I will do everything apple have laid
  • 03:06: bodyaga plaque you I forgot to say that put the baking sheet and the fact that in 20 minutes twenty 200 180 degrees to the oven It was heated to light golden strongly not soak It took 20 minutes no removing cookies paper will lay towel until completely cooling needed try a cookie let's similar to
  • 03:36: shortbread but it cheese softer apple propeklos and smells cinnamon this turned pie cute cook with me eat enjoy your
  • 04:07: use appetite my recipes visit my channel and to subscribe we meet at my channel