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Decoration of kapkeyk of Kapkeyki Minyona How to decorate kapkeyka  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone on my channel as you see I today no one with me my daughter dashenka today hi we went Today we will decorate cakes minions here are some interesting cool cakes instant decoration we will do from mastic pusenka here such beauty if you are interested see this design of capkeys Stay with us so that in order to to make a cucumber
  • 00:30: minions will not surrender or prepared themselves chocolate cakes and our beloved given suri [music] plastic of different colors some color stirred yellow and this I black gray and white and so dasha first we need to cover our capkake cream with us will be ordinary cooked condensed milk I took the nozzle closed asterisk and I will cover now condensed milk pennies to
  • 01:00: such as kremchik will be by the way the recipe of these chocolate cakes there is on my channel that's all now with using this shape glasses we are now will cut circles and do
  • 01:30: minions come on will you do it we need to look 2 the circle should come out of purple mastic come on dashute here single-circle and next to 2 there is this one side here so still next to here here it will help and now on you yellow mastic for a bit stronger impart and
  • 02:01: here is our nickname and now let's make another 4 circle and yellow mastics you do or make on well come on [music] Here so circles we
  • 02:34: cut rolled white black mastic and now we will do eyes to our minions yes jester see take Here is such a nozzle for a cream and now this nozzle will be squeeze of selected curds eyes and minions squeeze out just circles and mastic well done well what is enough before the war and
  • 03:21: legs look we are now we will glue eyes for ordinary water here so once and twice you're making bluffs yourself good for glue wetting with water I I will glue this we will have with one eye but what is made of one eye lubricate
  • 03:51: water still lubricate water [music] [music]
  • 04:44: [music] Well almost smooth ready now from gray and black We make out the mastic our minion on yes yes yes you are good
  • 05:15: go [music] [music]
  • 05:55: Well, that's all these are minions are with us have turned out and now we will decorating our capkey yes yes come on like that, take a look and put on a capkake oh so cool it turns out on you closer to the pei and becoming like this in the middle
  • 06:25: done everything to a little bit pinned handle forcing of condensed milk tasty all leave further another handle from so for cents and that's all
  • 06:56: look how it turned out cool truth and now a roll like our capkakes ready myth even I have one idea give us ours capkake folded here in such a box is special box for take the cucakes what do you like
  • 07:27: Put here on in the middle of this you can put it this way harmful minion here such a violet and it did not fall I will put in a box such cool yes yes bright cleaning napkins enemies see what we got here
  • 08:01: such a box with copecks is here you can give them even someone on gift from children it will seem to me very interesting and Well clearly the truth will give opticians beautiful interesting tasty mile no try well, let me give you like the harmful such a minion you give take the sample we are delicious or not . [music]
  • 08:33: let's try well how delicious we cooked our love is chocolate cakes and there in the middle is very lots of chocolate so that before that will be treat them copecks and alyoshku marriage to well here are those interesting cakes we adorned today
  • 09:03: made out if you such a video I liked it, comment on everything till [music]