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KNITTING by SPOKES! An easy way to connect the CAP for the newborn! KNITTING BY SPOKES

KNITTING by SPOKES! An easy way to connect the CAP for the newborn! KNITTING BY SPOKES  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello today we ourselves try to peel off Here is such a snip snip newborn it means so much three Flowers can be of any color to clean, we need to
  • 00:35: Nikita did not become km bottoms good afternoon it has come the presence of 6 This we still hook taste framed and Spitsin C grade so all we need to work proceed Rooks in Chicago
  • 01:08: I typed on Spitsin number 3 70 one five then we would not necessarily be a seed 1 1 remove zero Kurumoch no image one at night Street 2 th uniquely May 20 d
  • 01:39: 22nd of May d fighters data Yes period alternating on the front night and so on
  • 02:10: until the end of the first as they say, we will knit by drawing purchase cost of flour m, we do not welcome gypsum and Nagovitsyna India but at night it is a dynamic 0 07 last thing does not mean we never for a moment do not know
  • 02:40: two centimeters 7 so maskers points 1: 1 to centimeters
  • 03:18: So we lost two centimeters edinichka dynamics we will continue to cut six rows who exactly vyatskiy remove Kuramshina and I live all epic them Alekseeva str but we need to explain that on Wednesday
  • 03:57: ochkom facial VimpelCom fighters that will have here is the exact so tangerines front row turning work thus denying attitude change Kupchino and 3 April the King is preparing to penny
  • 04:28: end police ton decline accurate so in the Canadian one side so in April for the poster medium in-line points
  • 05:05: Alaska we missed sits lead If the moisture can snap pictures eleven meters my room even taking into account the R & D front Square so ends
  • 05:44: if you and Beijing Key we are tied to the end of the street version I read about Wood work the next of which will necessarily will to end peak assigned nn so we'll rotate the streets howls and then the police will
  • 06:15: if scientific Kobylkin but the essence of his luggage resembled a kiss NBU necessarily genocide centimeters So we have and with the power of Acne
  • 06:48: therefore consider girth would have a Well maybe not that his departure nine Grodno centimeters only centimeters you show of yourself farther Nouveau 4 daughter streamed Alaska shooting
  • 07:18: over and the same knife 4 years of study durable vyat ie it these limits Now the end of June so that's exactly UPC so for wet April 1 until daughter affiliates I think yes three parts
  • 07:48: it turns out we have 24 smoking and drinking at first ie 23 to 00 plus one Kurumoch mid-23 there then 24, ie 23 years of familiar Schneider 4 Now it will be added n Sales in Minsk
  • 08:18: there are people we cooperate We will take as long as no end picketers entomologists killed follows remove kolochnoj also impose control the whole login These aircraft MOE
  • 08:58: First 4 5 Kalyetnik follow so here we are tied with five goals in Beijing check 4 will further in such 23
  • 09:32: we combined cycle we are also Thailand single on the shelves Serge behalf street die three other Lithuanian check valued markets 23 Next increasingly strong nations doctor
  • 10:05: noted bun Kirylchyk impose if not we last peak edge 20 of the first 24 years Makanina we have spent will do
  • 10:36: the door in place police at our airport and I'm talking about with him fire peak and dum
  • 11:07: if we are unable to lead cottages 20 years old and a single peak 33 dead if at night d today will not be Here we go again find animals cyclical
  • 11:44: Pyaterochka 20 30 Beijing stream and twenty-fourth from that himself Combined cycle gas turbine together and purl on the third place not knowing tied then we turn operating time trusts me make a picnic overturn it turns out, we will not close
  • 12:15: picketers mercy 5.0 I was on his toes so here is my fancy dress here economy Linz these goals with 19 wherein the center of pickets Gibson reveal recall from the process because every once in
  • 12:52: the run-up to make Shatkovskaya drives is not far behind 20 penny to that holy except approach Thurman Pyatkevich who already Yangel with checks Not really at the peak thrown way yes
  • 13:23: Igor Magogin such visas while we on the one hand co-author of the side menu, home daily will not end score third of 23 pick up from this land acceleration peak Beijing school percentage of months at the bottom of the turn than the five-year plan also thus banks
  • 13:53: at paragraph Pyatkevich here we can both Canadian pyatochku
  • 14:23: tons of basic principles but Kopeikin last there is all this as grab thereto pizza in this drink and buckwheat performance when shooting at night Then the doctor and so on December Kovalenko Unless end we Kathy launchers peak Crimea so we have closed
  • 14:55: on both sides of each of these networks that's what we do in the end farther left the middle peak N and now the two sides hockey everything is sharper and more here and how Lepic left And we
  • 15:25: g of n up to the end perhaps this is the end then here's all these epic Do We will not close close Pyatkevich those terrible dreams so we close to the end
  • 16:09: all stations picketers we get 23 the whole body for the exam 3 If the prospects of the three trinity left vouchers actually Globeks people speaker turbid closed so in closed session the remaining height of the testicles our snip snip them so he would not have moment while her
  • 16:41: lower Chychkan we understand criticism can trust of trees and clearly points nokia tied while I type peak click in this way pick up any points attack the protesters gather and check
  • 17:11: then twist one on one Well references meter and a half on it too your discretion what like you can also say how to crochet Our picks lists covering all or Alinochka voykin 1 Well, I stole
  • 17:43: Dad km around spiritualistic I have got a list of 0500 8 8 6 years who how many will turn out the edges and now on my wife rezinochku one on one fighters 0 5 facial seamy recall rezinochku Bind and evaluation meter and a half You want more, too, at your discretion so we have imposed the edge
  • 18:13: Yulechka single day what we have in this the type of check man with Now we are using Klitschko Nikita Lobanov with a number of possible clay vat us zavyazochki take
  • 18:47: Kovalchuk shift zavyazochki for our bonnet Well we did zavyazochki using Kutcher coinage Get it such that there is a counter we know
  • 19:17: If you like the remains of a driver like I could sleep pogrom and the villagers