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  • 00:00: They say women female logic They have no logic no logic husband and wife unraveling Crosswords can speak the first man and four-letter word wife of Mr. Colin e How do you like this phrase Now the eighth write sedan on beds that fool you let the whole town know
  • 00:32: Yes things like writer many here who do man voting on the side of the highway to stop the man at the wheel g men women thank you very much but all I decided to details let others emulate I want to stop my eyebrows I CHP the same
  • 01:03: where is the logic Ukrainian budget is still there may be I do not know where we should rest on Maldives Tonara Sushchev wife do not take in a head on the ground will understand earlier Of course she's going to sort out Banker critic at the house where the money for 300 thousands of dollars from Japan wife stirring ashes in the fireplace Beckman
  • 01:31: while if it were not so politician seasons my wife with me to talk on thoughts ans so where I was for bread ran Mr. Shaw caught ask what to feed her husband and so that he himself every day that he is able
  • 02:00: and asked me you are so smart Bank skull below the world liens hope he comes to the doctor doctor but help to lose weight but that you can but I play the same diesel oil corners call in their own fault my young author project have already as well as in Women policeman driving Dykhne analyte
  • 02:31: I'll wait on the roof Yes goal difference accept and tablets and forget about all your diseases it gives me that's not only sclerosis missing not follow east China not follow what I mean rolling as you think Now through a kiss can be transmitted by
  • 03:01: avian influenza It should be $ 500 to kiss with the bird quite charges it is not beneficial to the girl yesterday in dance restaurant at the stadium 408 thousand you're the guy should be gone too soon Mehsud logic where the two Koreas one man
  • 03:30: political council of United Russia tourists there he was meets process and Sirte cubic monthly list and talk of the year you when you get back debt I had promised last week help but as yet little while Russia and the only composition but then the woman needs a little if they such beautiful mode