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  • 00:00: hello dear girl outlet not just around the corner and today I help you create hairstyle in which you You will feel a queen of the ball in the our work, I will use a comb with a tail hair ornament
  • 00:30: hairpins stealth such a clamp and nail hair strong fixing proceed to our work is delicate hair well will look at the hair average length and long hair first we comb our hair prepare them
  • 01:00: hairstyles I come I would like to highlight small clumps rest of the hair We will stick to nape fights just below the ear We try to fix invisible sound
  • 01:30: because it will frame our future hairstyles I I do something crosswise So our frame
  • 02:16: hairstyles ready Getting Started allocate small strand and begin twist it into a bundle plait weave is not very tight to that now we will get end of our harness and sprinkled with varnish strong fixation curl up in the harness ring and fasten frame
  • 02:46: hairpin same sequence We will work with the other strands the top tier of our
  • 03:50: hairstyles ready We go to the bottom tier and continue work the same take a strand of technology and twist the flagellum so our hair
  • 05:05: practically completed left little give it the form I will do when help hairspray strong fixation where we need our aim and flagella extra volume multiply remove hair using studs for hair well and sprinkled it with
  • 05:35: go to the left strands that we left street at I will help ironing do curl supports our
  • 06:46: hairpins for hair hair to they do not fall eye onions and perks hide fix with varnish on the other hand is now I want to decorate our haircuts to the spoons of hair you you can use any other ornamentation well not to
  • 07:17: overloading hair I'll use Such are the stones about and at the end of our work we fix varnish so our remarkable
  • 07:50: hairstyle ready I hope I helped you your way if you like it videos subscribe to my channel all Thanks a lot for view see you soon meetings