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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: kill hello nice girls in today's I'll show video how make quickly beautiful summer hairstyle in work i will use comb
  • 00:30: bagel hairpins Decorating and hairspray proceed to our work originally I already made a tail on mid-occipital zone and allocated a small strand at the edge line hair growth having receded from it two
  • 01:01: I spent centimeter parting to the left ear and so go to work with tail I comb my tail take a bagel push my tail bagel the tip of the tail I will
  • 01:36: hiding inside and begin turn our hair I do this to the end The three-dimensional beam I turn extreme
  • 02:19: stowed strands I comb it and I move to the right aside gently bend it in left side and I'm picking up our bunch lock the lock
  • 02:57: invisible I take a hairbrush and where I need to correct our beam I fix with hairpins
  • 03:28: beam center
  • 04:16: I am leaving pearl and decorate our hairstyle of orchid fix everything with varnish so our summer
  • 05:00: hairstyle is ready and you will be in the center attention