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  • 00:00: knitting Norwegian jacquard used thread Only two colors and While loop indicated in the diagram one color provyazyvayutsya one thread 2 is not free runs along knit loops seamy side knitting, and vice versa when changing color loops on a thread pattern switch roles and have another thread free passes to seamy side operating conditions
  • 00:30: something which we thread provyazyvaem loop currently is called working and free thread which runs from seamy side will be called thread pulling at knitting jacquard regardless ornament important follow a few the rules in the first place should strive to broach with seamy side took place throughout width details knitting from one edge to the to another with
  • 01:01: seamy side not was formed vertical broaches and density details in this turned homogeneous so first distal edge loop should always provyazyvat one thread which in the previous series was sword broaching But in this case, See the latest loop and bead loop in front of her provyazyvalas red thread it was our work thread white thread in this the case was thread
  • 01:34: broaches and that it we have to knit first distal edge loop with this method of our strings and workers and thread broaching in each row will be mounted in the side the edges of the parts matter at a loop from the edge ends use both filaments second rule lies in the fact that the thread broaches should
  • 02:04: routed along the loop is not free pulling blade folds neatly along knit loops here and in the However, it should not otherwise sag extreme loops ornament will increase in the amount and they will form holes from the previous lesson
  • 02:35: we remember that the front side, we knit jacquard my facial loops sample due 14 series and now for scheme we start Knit 15 and a number of schemes 2 loop knit white color red thread broach goes along related tabs here so stick
  • 03:06: fingers further 4 loops red red are are working and white thread and broaching knit loops 4 red 3 4 further look for the pattern should be 2 white loop means red it becomes thread broaches and white ceases travelers
  • 03:37: pulling gently straighten related tabs paving along them white thread and forefinger presses to the latest related eyelets fixing white broach in such way after provyazyvaniya loops and white thread broach no stretches knit two loops are changing thread and knit loops 2 red
  • 04:08: under the scheme further one White Collar and so Knit on the scheme until the end of a report last loop knit the loop which is beyond line and report an edge loop always provyazyvaem
  • 04:38: working thread This third rule with seamy side work provyazyvaem first an edge loop thread and broach previous row this is our red thread, and despite the is that the first scheme knitting jacquard white thread take her and red thread it becomes the thread but pulling it in Anyway we entrenched in the side
  • 05:08: edge details below knit 1 white 3 red further take white thread it becomes working red thread broaching on the reverse side the thread pulling not contracted canvas straighten loops and related also stick
  • 05:38: thread but already thumb right hand knit jacquard holding pattern from left to right purl loops at Norwegian knitting jacquard I recommend to knit first means so canvas turns smoother and denser knitting Norwegian jacquard it is important to follow broach length was no more than 4 and 5 sts
  • 06:09: If the pattern you suddenly You discover that it is time to hard too long then it should be secure suppose we eyes, we need to knit 7 stitches white thread To do this, we were binding white 3 loops 1
  • 06:39: February 3 then take thread broaches and crisscross it with working thread and we continue knitting white loops 1 2 3 thus thread pulling us entrenched 4 about how to
  • 07:11: read circuit jacquard how to knit Norwegian Jacquard manner two hands in the art and Rice using a thimble knitting jacquard how to perform a jacquard without broaches different what ways lazy jacquard and how it is performed and over 40 lessons color knitting needles you will find in my training course on divid color knitting all popular techniques video format that
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