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  • 00:00: you happen to have a birthday today he was already in this year do not be discouraged in the following mandatory putin and I'm still have to go out with him much such as we had known folk hero only once unfortunately birthday year
  • 00:32: but in fact, from point of view astrology the day is not the one who birth woke up the color some and not once but certainly late data let that impact labor but passport check is written there and many fans of his birthday drinkers its shadow Kirishi interesting that one of the two representatives of the male his birthday is not used to easier with the ladies
  • 01:03: Three of four loves because it makes it a feast but men do not know how people do holiday whereas today, 13 in the third who does not love his birthday so bad even 35 actually other than a calendar date joint book Moscow the police g from those who happen Flanders at the meeting
  • 01:35: It happens every you can feast there is no wonder it is desirable schedule if it is monthly complete birthday among other things There is also another secret sign your plants and it is associated with a calendar date DIA of stylish Mick your ward in this world of the birth
  • 02:05: preferably with minutes permissible differences Romenskii 4 it and take as a person with whom you come into this world For Tatiana Kalinina from birth but know who we now de facto calf who you Capricorn who is the sun the sun for a year back in the days your birth cache Birthday And so the sun is in fact what in actuality nak Birthday
  • 02:37: astrology birthday girl so beautiful and a mysterious word Angstrom does a sign of what was happening birth this is the person who is the gang on this incarnation on this you get a kind of coronation garment shell appearance if you want the way of the birth tend to manifest a person's appearance Of course you can change the hairstyle
  • 03:07: color class but that's like hide it is not always possible it gallery It can be a journey therefore reasonable to use The fact that a person is under control fact and yet it has a chance of their manifestation of their defeat so if you do not like your sunny birthday
  • 03:38: It may have accentuated in any other embodiment from coupons birthday as mentioned monthly Kiev or a secret sign of birth so it is best to ask a bank psychologists actively encourages love yourself love yourself centrally love
  • 04:08: behave yourself like always where to start Anna is done here and start from his secret with the lid that is, a set of yet only considered the date of birth this is the monogram of the process the way a child lives with only a model for this family systems installation children somewhere to seven and when turned on the secret sign of birth That we
  • 04:40: designated from Santiago here begins It begins the individual terms fate in the universe is interconnected fauna flora mineral world stars And we citizens of earth that the top of them the whole what have we got on top of the Maidan potential evaluation unitary aggregate composition at birth
  • 05:12: It is patron of Tallinn horoscopes they require a very large role Planet give strength for the life of these actions to deal with these movements to explore in the end that toyota horoscope on who knows this term this sphere of human advent red embodiments properties simple setting there are aspects of the concept of This kind of units Basic test point
  • 05:42: android positive and negative knows all this paint So there we horoscope we are the gift of God got This bright stocks such specific physical intelligent and other other great data how do we with him spinning optimism we came gives us Do you like the name of their hands
  • 06:12: shrimp the other does not represent or so long to get used to that now been uncomfortable and here there is a lot of variants names home sport well mouth is understandable for facilitating the birth of a new Business is the truth and my family of the derivative Sometimes this surname sometimes I participated Baghdad nickname n but it can not catch
  • 06:42: arcs to it quite difficult to get used to and this should come just like that to stop her m rhyme I myself prize from another time today legally it can be issued and the date of birth very much more complicated documents change problem but must be carefully by adventures of a person gets this a name as such means
  • 07:12: it's like a new life no one really knows it will be better old or at least the proposed division the quantity and the quality is not always there in ruby ​​resolved and so on the calendar's name is today but as it is very bad by the way of the saints such as it stands It recommends the name and van Exhibition is the absence of chili but why names grows Christian pagan
  • 07:44: but it was borrowed the choice is very small why you call it you can not let that happen you are asking ask again has no one but that's what gave the Italian the name of the sound It is a kind of vibration it thou Colour you notice that some of the names of the name celebration It smells easier there is not necessarily at all today in the abstract
  • 08:16: and when you come across their bodies sq how you react Kokoity emotional sensation occurs greeting Well, how do you ask a recession new customer contact phone name each on his own and so name is the energy which act on the world around us Anatoly card that steed Long came to this world
  • 08:46: and that is the secret name of the horoscope it's a secret our blind if all Ryazanov sphere harmony consonance then everything will be fine is not what we do not we recommend with changes Lensoviet good think think and perhaps consult with staff and in that time I do these settlements but for those who just none
  • 09:24: or assumes tradition that in some but alas, human usually other parents Muscovite Yevgeny astrology grand name florists It has first and injury make father and grandfather inflation cross the floor Uskova and, respectively, for the boy all the way around Mama grandmother aunt godmother but this can also be an element of
  • 09:56: accident when their actions by hackers no one was counted thanks to him usually match So although it is interesting to the starting point of a traffic light and then those that shame the name of harmony with easily argue and then gave astropsychologist can draw
  • 10:28: Even for your two or three month old baby him psychologically party how it should as it can be land with your help where did Parents now a day and therefore the birds is clock can tell you what conflict for corruption training what methods of education at the same time for corruption of your baby that we should take for granted and slowly
  • 10:58: whether his fate can be health and life is leveled Klaipeda their honor and most importantly, tell me some wisdom formula at the age of 30 years which allows distinguished in that the one thing because that unchangeable and your child is not breathing become so as it should be then the proper limit of human opportunity and the potential that
  • 11:29: 5 incarnation will be used there are people who believe that everything will be fine that is, those who have sincere faith Cairo in miracles says that 200 thousand we offer you to do than it is society for symbian for your loved ones he is not alone that powder it really is a little is potentially Bandera church pastor but we are ready
  • 11:59: to forgive Karpin Baku criminals killing