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  • 00:00: So we as one of the ways of closing loops on the front smooth surface so it looks outside the front side so it It appears on the reverse hand exactly same version as the only border with additional row knit Garter in another way we We can see here so close it all in several rows suitable for all species mating including for the surface of well
  • 00:33: desirable for gum alone two by two, and so on with Now you try But with such a close border additional row Garter so we sample recruited several rows of coats first row to Closing this border we will have to seamy side we knit one row from the wrong of the front loops to that we had Now this part of the border
  • 01:04: all loops like Garter we provyazyvaem just facial the next row we
  • 01:41: you must need add number loops to then when you close provyazyvat 2 loops together was to the edge which was not much and extended to so it was not much we need to add the loop gain that order 2 facial 1 nakida 2 facial 1 sc and so until the end of a series if you
  • 02:12: You will gain additional loop introduced to the guides In order to have a more flexible range of possible gain through the front loop you can dial through three facial loops additional loop additional loops can be done both as a sc and knit from the previous loop series as well as you it is more convenient, you can also for front and back wall there are two
  • 02:42: loop and at the same time and then addition there will depend on you as you prefer it is important to It is symmetric the next row with the aim of seamy side remove the front and the entire distal edge remove the entire series provyazyvaem gum 1 1 Wrong front Wrong front and Wrong front until the end series at the same time of course You provyazyvaete
  • 03:13: sc and any additional welded The addition of the loop crossed so that there were holes with right and wrong hand as we here with you added an odd the number of an odd number then we get added 1 sc facial 1 Wrong loop children so we'll have reached
  • 03:55: end of the series is now It is the last time it will be a number of closing includes the following Now the first an edge loop provyazyvaem facial loops remain on Right below we spoke provyazyvaem 2 loops along the front loop two loops together thus it is desirable to the first of provyazyvaem their hinges we had a Wrong then in such a case, Now this jumper in We give the necessary
  • 04:25: relief and so 2 loops knit together Next, we remove both hinges on the right spokes that is so Knit the left and spoke again provyazyvaem facial loop 2 loops together front loop only that knit dress on the left needle and earlier that which was Right spoke also dress puts on the needle provyazyvaem
  • 04:56: front hinge loop 2 together to put on left needle so which was also send left needle and spending provyazyvaem and so on end of the series 2 loops together hereinafter provyazyvaem 1 loop It remains on of knit is knit loops are right and shot down 2 together, both putting on left right
  • 05:27: It obtained in this manner Now we are knitting the row width Now typing believe output nakida 2 facial 1 sc to we had a width linen not pulling together well,
  • 05:57: enough Flexibility good stretching so we'll come edge loop last an edge loop if there was one that her can not provyazyvat additionally and immediately the loop on the right pull on the needles left and knit like under normal closure
  • 06:28: as we have with you turned a These occur These reliefs reliefs it as were given the fact that the bridge you provyazyvali 1 of 2 together provyazat 3 purl so on you Do I have turned and close it Wrong side