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Lessons of weight loss "АЗБУКА СТРОЙНОСТИ" from the "Доктор Борменталь" center;. Lesson No. 1  See details »

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  • 00:00: excess weight from the head center of weight loss doctor bormental because a lesson at the table the company is not there is a thousand diets and they are all different and some even contradict each other friend every year new and new diets you are entangled in this diversity literate quickly form its
  • 00:30: diet will help table metaphor company imagine that together with you for the table sits whole company is hunger appetite orderliness hunger needs you to elected Nutrient products and dishes hunger loves nourishing mind appetite needs delicious foods delicious food your the maximum attention to it in culinary delights in design of the table appetite likes delicious
  • 01:00: food slenderness needs to you ate profitable products but at the same time time fed well and deliciously slender likes a profitable mind make up your diet look at your meal and ask yourself three questions hunger is satisfied appetite is satisfied harmony is pretty hunger likes color food appetite likes delicious food slenderness like
  • 01:31: are more profitable you must learn automatically evaluate your diet on structure nourishing and deliciously profitable a man with a surplus weight often allows mistake sitting down on he takes care of the diet only one of characters forget others so choosing that or a different diet a man very often eats not tasty a often nourishing and flying off with
  • 02:01: limitation begins eat deliciously but chooses not at all profitable food control questions for the lesson your today breakfast was foul delicious profitable when are you today dined your hunger was satisfied appetite and harmony when you will to plan today's dinner remember that together with at the table, what else?
  • 02:32: three characters which products need pick up for so that hunger satisfied in which dishes needs appetite like choose products and dishes profitable for harmony you will learn about this in following lessons ABCs of harmony excess weight from the head center of weight loss doctor bormental because it is necessary lose weight