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  • 00:03: Hello to you in Genizah Mitchenko and this video I will show step by step what can be done this case, the first effect of this go to home which facebook page located at 3w . in the lower right corner have such a button which is called help push the She left here in this menu we choose your management account We went to change password
  • 00:30: and clicked over here bugs and known Problems and here I can not enter the site Now I click here and see if you having trouble with Log in Your Account You can see section known Problems You can change your password you can file a complaint here you have specify the e-mail the address that attached to your account that you pointed at
  • 01:00: Registration on facebook and Next you need to recount the problem include the following point and what you are doing when there a problem that must It was going to happen and that It happened at the here you really write up a problem that is you can not go on Account you a really the person for whom and you claim to be ask to restore access to your account You can also add that no wrongful Action on facebook you do not
  • 01:31: and do nothing You also violated you can download screenshot Tip if you suddenly You also encounter any difficulties and press send After you send via some time email address you will be notified of that is why your account He was disabled and you will need to follow the prompts that will be this letter offers confirm their personality for this
  • 02:01: you will need to attach a photo screen or any of the passport documents or driving identity if it is passports and enough to photograph but the main page which will be show your Photo will be clear name and is seen surname after you confirm that that you really are the person for whom claim to be your request has been processed and you will need to
  • 02:30: and again in some time check your electronic box and Of course after like your personality It will be confirmed and you get re a letter stating that your account reinstated one of the recommendations you come up with it your new password your account with you were Eugene Denisenko if the video was for you share helpful with friends subscribe to channel and leave your comments below see you in
  • 03:00: following video bye Bye