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  • 00:05: So dear friends hello today We'll be with you register social networking facebook in order to up facebook you need first put into Here is a browser learning to https 22 double slash 3w. then brings you here on a page where you are invited up
  • 00:30: check in is free and it will always be free about us warns you facebook here we need to fill in the fields needed to Registration here we enter your name I drive its findings in its indicate the name email I want to draw your
  • 01:00: note that points should be acting e-mail address because after Now you click on this button on your this address will letter with confirms where are links to which must be click to complete registration and so we enter here current address your email I enter your email you enter your
  • 01:31: the next field we again offer enter the same I address him simply copy-insert Now we need to come up for themselves password password which You will use every times when you log on to facebook so I come to themselves password below us
  • 02:00: They propose to introduce date of birth what are we doing choose shade month year we respectively You specify a date birth which requires indicate the date of birth You can click on this link and facebook here also give us a clue which it will indicate that If you specify a date birth it will be easier use facebook for you as well as for your age group and I want to draw your
  • 02:30: more attention here on it that after you sign up and when it will be your profile you can always his chronicle take your date of birth If suddenly there the need Further choose gender male or female that is, click on the floor that you need before clicking Register button also here facebook It offers us acquainted with conditions use and
  • 03:00: policy data use these links clickable so if you click you You can go on page for details detailed written all that how and why I suggest you read this the same with politics data use after you all fill you press a button registration I I will not press
  • 03:30: because my Profile has been created Next you need to will go to address their email your email box mail you will receive letter here with content It is the last step Registration on facebook and here you need to either click on the link or click to confirm after registration you click button to confirm register you You get here on such
  • 04:01: page where you the questions again enter your e-mail you specified the registration and the password that You also indicated when of registration push button enter all Registration for this completed thanks that looked lesson subscribe to channel you were Elena Denisenko