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  • 00:00: Hello yes Market I have not included camcorders somehow it was not reasons as yet tomatoes develop and grow Today I decided to show rather even repeat mainly in growing tomatoes
  • 00:31: it is their form I have already said that I I form tomatoes 2 peduncle I can tell this from the fact that if form one stalk of the should be planted more and the number of hives This is enough problematic when seedling cultivation that is, we need more times larger gardens place for her so I grow 2 stalks
  • 01:03: but soot on tomatoes greater distance than if cultivated 1 and now I already you see as just go second shoots and I started the formation of its bushes of the matter is that we out of the first
  • 01:34: color accurately brush here you can see her already 1 is formed from the zyzy it usually develops strong enough stepson this one and stepson We have to leave that's a lesson turned quite the same there large escape it I already tied up the same
  • 02:07: I am doing the most to rest in the bushes Here you can see the I have almost been Now all the bushes naturally formed here these old shoots and Now I have them gradually I tied up for this of course again very convenient system hooks we can conveniently move apart
  • 02:39: rearrange our hooks from place to took place here that is moved it is convenient to have weakened do not injuring tomatoes that still naturally as forming Make sure to remove All stepchildren all which shoots out axils of the leaves have appears
  • 03:10: especially to our junction and follow but of course after such a small thing there is a danger that there we always have danger to itself top of that we growth can completed v-shaped flower hand so we supply here like this here
  • 03:40: in fact I do not Therefore remove I look forward to when I will develop then if the tip it will not develop Now stop this. ie with continuation will just this one stepson it's enough It's just in my already explained but that no less just here this make a lot of mistake gardeners or at they leave their
  • 04:10: stepchildren them they rapidly and there is a rapid ramification of that too but dramatically affect most important crop the ripening of tomatoes that is, they are a lot of them that is they are more small and do not have time ripen here are here's recommendations after enough big time and so all is well tomatoes
  • 04:43: tied today 29 May we have quite earlier than usual everything happens formats developed Now I have successfully I will do everything well even now I do small inclusion those tomatoes I have grown
  • 05:14: the first year of this grade such as cherry old teplichke let take a look at them here old greenhouses I have new varieties grade fetal milka tomatoes similar to cherry different colors yellow Red I
  • 05:44: seeds purchased one of but breeders I am sorry that is not writing as a We need to grow as a form and not even I wrote some bushes themselves that is, they grow there and from tall or this is undersized Unfortunately he did not is written is written, only about quality own fruit
  • 06:16: Naturally all write they are delicious But check that is I have here 6 grades increasing I habitually forms until I am trying to create 2 stalk and there a look that is if they are stunted I will post more stepchildren are form a 3 to 4
  • 06:46: Now until 2 but as you You see them grow very rapidly powerful I developed It seems almost too little zazhirevshy for some reason, I wanted to stage is not nourished nothing yet they grow naturally bushes enough see how powerful but the fruits are fruits until fastened
  • 07:16: while they are only looking for just started to bloom although the bushes already high enough we We go now perhaps goodbye till