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  • 00:00: 1 set of knitting loops needles we need two knitting needles and a ball of yarn there are several dialing methods the first game and now we consider them first loop dialed is not first
  • 00:30: strings and on some distance from the end, and in order to measure in what place we will gain first loop necessary measure length from the end of thread about three to half and even in four times as long than the width our future Here in this sample place we gain first loop
  • 01:00: 1 way to create the first loop very simple take thread segment overturn thread contrary to our turned out here such Collar and then shift it so that end strings located below and fingers We take out the loop contractible it and here at
  • 01:30: we get Moving loop and this loop, we can put on spokes tightening sliding loop and this is the first the second loop is ready method of knitting 1 loop to take this thread here at We will have 1 loop and 's apply it to index and the thumb of the left
  • 02:00: arms and the other three fingers stifle strings and then take the right hand spokes and poddevat bottom thread then turn and right spokes the thumb of the left arms
  • 02:30: unfold the left then discharged into the spokes the left side and bottom picks up the thread which descends from the Left thumb hand is then withdrawn right spokes picks up the thread that we descends from the index finger and then discharged needle to the left so way that we
  • 03:02: I turned loop and allot the right spokes thumb We take out of the loop and to hook the top not down. tightening the noose, and that's we have this I get double eyelet and now consider knitting a third method the first loop I apply our thread
  • 03:33: where we will against the first loop clockwise the thumb of the left hands and then clockwise forefinger the left hand end nitochek stifle three the fingers of the left hand then in the right hand take two spokes folded together and to hook the
  • 04:04: thread that thrown over a large left thumb with right to left then discharged into the spokes right side and bottom right picks up the thread from the index finger spokes allot to the left and pull out loops averting spoke again
  • 04:34: right index right thumb We are holding our loop then pull out the thumb of the left hands of the loops and the movement from top to bottom tighten thread and this is the first loop ready to fourth way to the first set
  • 05:04: loop We apply our thread at large and index fingers and free fingers the left hand clamped in the end of the thread rotate the hand so as I show in take the right hand two needles then leads them right under and the lower thread
  • 05:35: captures and further spokes allot right and from the bottom introduce needle from right to left slightly below big turn spokes finger seize and thread pulled through the loop that we It was a big
  • 06:05: finger while she slides off fingers and a left thumb tighten the loop and this is the first loop ready knitting loops 1 5 method of disposal thread two the fingers of his left hand on index and thumb end yo we It is on the left side and then
  • 06:35: stifle three thread the ends of the fingers further to the right hand take two spokes and introduce them under thread between the left finger right then overturn spokes enter the spokes on the left to right under the thread which descends from the thumb
  • 07:05: allot them to the right picks up the thread from the index finger and provyazyvaem loop Spetses allot right forefinger we move large We take out of loops and traffic ispodnizu top thread and tightens we turned double loop
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