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  • 00:00: [music] in this video, I I suggest you learn removal of measures if you not You are going to do make patterns knowledge of measures to help you better understand in ready and shouting simplify the process tailoring are measures of undergarment or thin clothes advance by dovyazav figure underwear elastic band but Utah loosely ba da we must be in the
  • 00:30: bra which will put a product taking measurements in the same the manner and in the same order of their record merc in the table now the screen you see on which this link table can be downloaded starting to shoot measurements in on the back back longer and longer products removed one motion then the height of the shoulders oblique 2 but the width of the tank and
  • 01:01: back take your measurements turn his back to the standards of a side figures and shoot shoulder length and length sleeves on someone that the length of the sleeve removed from the humeral point through the bent elbow yes wrist joint then remove the girth shoulder or girth wrist as needed for a particular product and go to
  • 01:31: standards of living across the shelf length height chest and shoulder slope shelves rented this traffic loops aqua neck chest girth girth waist and hip girth through most protruding point figure records half size in general, all measurements
  • 02:01: that pass across floor or delivery high back line recorded in half size complete the removal of the world wide width twist width 1 Breast second and the distance between center of the chest These three measurements, we also write to half size because they all go through the middle line in front of a God through name Finally, we can
  • 02:32: to remove a number of vlogs neck we need This measurement for to prepare for fitting we could incise at necessity shelf and do is this cut too deep well that's all more you can read my Online at Terrier till