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Secret of good smetanny cream.  See details »

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  • 00:00: we'll bake sour cream and biscuit Now we are begin to sour in cream and we for This will require us to sour cream will need 20 percent fat content and powdered sugar and then a small small nuance in the the preparation of this cream, I'll tell you that I still add Well, we get down take the cream we take the cream about to do cake somewhere
  • 00:30: half a kilo kilogram is will be sufficient take the cream and start beating mixer gradually small well add powdered sugar we
  • 01:19: stir the sour cream and many times when begin to do sour cream cream is very bad whipped cream obtained liquid and you despair and but do not worry We are upset To get a hundred percent good sour cream I I add normal thickener for cream here's a look Here is such a one that's pachechku I'll take and add our sour cream and
  • 01:51: we continue to braid 1 cup sour cream with us It takes a detour and 50 gram in one bag Here we have a you half a kilo and five hundred grams of sour cream therefore we have to you will leave two Now this bag thickener continue whisking he swept away Get the look a good thick lush the air and we
  • 02:21: with you now Saturate this cream I baked our cakes a common biscuit I cut it into three cakes here's one I now we are greased will lubricate put the following in plos one vote, and again it well impregnate impregnate our sour cream than
  • 02:52: so smeared on top you put you the last cut apical cake so year and again it good lubrication sour cream That's how we do it all gently ask here I bought just such a
  • 03:26: spatula for this. at principle that the turn and Teflon frying pan but I use it I I will show you a very it is convenient here and so like this Namazova always a cake I bought them precisely for such goals we have it already very comfortable like this we coat all sides verhushechku do everything gently and slowly that our whole with you Cake was drunken here
  • 03:56: and so the spatula get these as a convenient This time our smear cream as we do with all the parties themselves have smeared sour cream the last layer last cake we we can do Finally, you can sprinkle with nuts you You can rub the wafer grated ie wafer crumbs can a cookie rub on a grater from cookies do chips already can grated chocolate
  • 04:27: I use this for Here is such a cocoa that's not found in cocoa powder which we you cooking but is Cacau we pour boiling water or milk and drink like this So I sprinkle our cake cake cake sour cream as you like it I have this pie in the CBD It can be said of childhood before all time
  • 04:58: panel or loop cooking you sold very pretty tasty and simple post and here is our ready cake we will need to with him to put you in refrigerate for about night so that it is well soaked and Breakfast all their guests or children husband you will rejoice delicious cake with a cup coffee or tea Bon appetit to
  • 05:29: Goodbye to the new meetings until