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RECIPE of the TEST. The best dough for vareniki and pelmeni. Dough without eggs.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Irina I am very Bugloss pleased to welcome you and on in my kitchen I make my channel dough this is the best dough for the dumplings and ravioli it prepared without eggs but shorter than all of order and so here I had two cups of flour I prisalivaem just a couple of
  • 00:30: pinches of salt the dough was not unleavened pour here a glass of milk milk room temperature and stirring the same here even pour out one tablespoon oil oil vegetable and it should not be smell otherwise the dough
  • 01:00: will smell of oil and it will not OK I originally did this dough without oil but then somehow somewhere some resource I'm I do not remember the Internet I met recipe when the woman did He overcame here dining room spoon Oil and really This dough was still better because apart from the fact that it soft dough tender more oil
  • 01:30: contributes to the fact that finished products when if you let them they just do not eaten were let berry tarts and they were still on few hours let's lay oil It contributes to so that the dough does not stale quickly here still add about a cup of flour but add, and I will not just as parts general relation flour to milk usually one to three one part
  • 02:01: milk and 3 parts poppies but it's still not exactly because flour is different it is even take different humidity flour the means and the amount it will different now I am his I spread on the table in order to knead the ultimate test and hands even now Knead and brush Now the dough is no longer
  • 02:35: stick to hands but still and all I need on the table here in this way Knead 5 minutes January 7 then this dough become even more soft elastic This gentle dough He loves hands dough kneaded and he must give rest but We need something to cover that it does not
  • 03:05: zavetrivalos possible of course in this way but to do this is as it is not the best the best option option if the wrapped in dough plastic wrap Now in this way
  • 03:36: I was wrapped in plastic film and leave it the dough on the table about an hour for it the test will have a rest and it will then still more air more gentle and soft thanks that I watched my video subscribe to channel if it is not signed place huskies if you liked my video email comments often come to my channel all you very good