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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Hello ladies and Gentlemen, I want you show a very project simply heal see for yourself see for yourself unpretentious so neat great mother carefully all here simply and thoroughly written 1 or March 2 you project site diamond null growing very fast pace millions drainage structure accumulation at the expense of It had their periods
  • 00:30: allow participants receive repeated to Fund itself same length I personal tutor partners from the matrix You can see the code 25 rubles all three invited by trumpeted money immediately doing smoothly moved to pay site work xtr the number of purse participants themselves see second level 50 rubles to 450 rubles balance Directorate of Russia 27 human Salt layer 208 804 16
  • 01:02: years as a result of partner for parquet my eighth level 6 561 guests earns 20 million rubles Judge for yourself at all it will work 25 faith challenges to earn the project is very good I advise
  • 01:34: up pay for grad difficult and yet he only lenses actually earned registration is very Easy once you worth nothing complicated It is not filled very lifts easily here is my personal study and filled and then a if the achievement achieving simple reached submit the names and
  • 02:04: patronymic mobile Phone your social networks or she met and ask us Open ticket deals and invite friends way to achieve invite slowly or achieve its robot there assistant who's Barbie including noise he
  • 02:35: and will tell show my page here Photo some reason I may not be able to size does not fit I activate the first Level I while I went one suppressed after me will still be transfused in any I suggest you act join of flavors till this once
  • 03:05: opened all friends with my mother I have charged the incoming about 10 support so ask all questions my questions achievement achieve Trend thick referrals after your referral link true story of a tree all operations until
  • 03:35: Operations history connect and earn Thank you for attention a reference had to pay