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Very tasty Chicken Breast in the Foil! Chicken with Potato in the Foil!

Very tasty Chicken Breast in the Foil! Chicken with Potato in the Foil!  See details »




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  • 00:00: welcome all to channel our kitchen to please their home today I will baked chicken breast with potatoes first I did Now two molds foils I made mold here I for one serving 4 things I did daughters and 2 our dad in these tins I will
  • 00:30: bake your dish now I take 2 chicken fillet and I cut them such too small and bricks chopped chicken I sent in the fillet Now I bowl it I salt and pepper add
  • 01:01: mustard and I also like when there French French mustard such beads vertine and stirred and I leave little pomarinovatsya minutes ten take three large potatoes and I cut into strips [music]
  • 01:33: Now take three small bulbs and I cut them into thin semicircles [music] I receive March 2 cloves garlic prisypaya salt to garlic better to give your bags and Meling rezhu I cut all the garlic
  • 02:10: Now rubbed grams 150 here is such a damp not so small terochke do now fill for this I take 3 eggs four or five tablespoons canteens cream I
  • 02:40: pyatnadtsatiprotsentnaya sour cream, and here goes any you can even some yogurt if you need something It is not very fat Salts little Berge and mixed well Well now I am beginning filling the molds
  • 03:10: before filling I should not miss the mark within [music] distribute potatoes on on all four formochkam [music]
  • 03:44: little potatoes prisalivaem on top of the potatoes onion spread [music] on top of the bow I meat spread [music]
  • 04:14: at the top of watering in the hall Vach kai I forgot to say you need more chopped tomatoes if you have if No one can put such a spoon ketchup and smudge top but I have now eat tomatoes
  • 04:45: tomatoes already quite a little a drop of salt and I'll throw a tomato a little bit garlic on each tomatoes [music] well and the last layer Cheese is such krasotulya
  • 05:21: [music] [music] and all that I send in a preheated 180 degree oven somewhere minutes 50 60 look at their Well our oven miracle of meat do not even know miracle meat or miracle potatoes or miracle tomato well, in general
  • 05:52: ready look what a beauty just beauty smell Amazing Well Now according to tradition need to try I will try the meat very very juicy tasty very gently very very filling delicious
  • 06:22: prepare please not you really regret like a very hearty course today evening we are not going to I just try and have We will eat tomorrow all pleasant appetite thank you They were with me and I am watching my videos I hope that my recipe you like and it is useful to you subscribe to our kitchen channel good luck to all happily