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  • 00:00: I can say so
  • 01:22: it is desirable to take high sides for that because that not only will and foaming rising very high pour our milk pan here and there adds sugar or sugar powder Who that is, I add both single ingredients mix in a saucepan
  • 02:02: and put on heavy fire as a just begins to boil further strengthening the ma boy and not stopping interfere interfere interfere Stir for 10 minutes and here we are condensed milk is already ready and add 20 grams oils take the spatula spoon one
  • 02:34: set start actively stir all ingredients Mortars and fire let's see what It happens to me It was very interesting since everywhere I saw very long and tedious recipes cooking condensed milk if anyone has reduced to a very
  • 03:04: interest difficult mercy you can ask leave it to us comments or electronic acid almost certainly we will try cook try that will certainly indicating the author so this recipe our milk already probably warmed we left it Stir for 10 minutes man sings to milk will be slightly not so light in color I added brown sugar so we
  • 03:35: get a little chocolate condensed milk by the way condensed milk home prepared in the manner It can be done boiled put on a water bath cover Cover and leave it languishes until the desired consistency jar and my water like It stated in the recipe first at the end of cooking condensed milk it will be liquid at all not fast but
  • 04:07: gradually at based on milk will thicken and at the end when you come jar put in refrigerate for Next morning you will present condensed milk very tasty so Our thickened milk I start foaming Measure out exactly 10 minutes and see what we'll get through Ten minutes so After 8 minutes, we We can give him here
  • 04:38: a picture of milk really very strongly foaming and It rises to the boards it must be necessarily very frequently and intensively track 1 strongly stirring for To you it not escaped gas at really should It is greatly enabled the maximum mode and here such here so we are constantly stir our evaporated milk in order to it turned condensed milk do not panic since the
  • 05:08: really should be with high high sides to avoid nothing happened unpleasant to It left interfere literally two minutes and two minutes later we We see that we turned so our condensed milk probably already I have done obtained by the fact that I added Brown sugar naturally if you here put an ordinary white sugar
  • 05:39: milk you will have flower bed with yellow a touch of what we Now we do Now take the jar naturally clean remove excess water of this revenge is advertising our scientists milk here such here it we turned even thickens it will thicken gradually as cooling to dolls author of the following
  • 06:09: day we'll get the present condensed milk residues always sweet so I take out to the end as thickens our little lips turn real condensed milk who wish He wants to can add vanilla and and I'm in this with you I say goodbye to you our evaporated milk ready to enjoy all tea with you, I was Valentine's Day and our channel I want to live like that if you
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