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Bandage on the head spokes a pattern "Колосок". Headband.

Bandage on the head spokes a pattern "Колосок". Headband.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you, I one and today I want to show you how to make just such a remarkable with a bandage interesting pattern This pattern consists of elements that is here You can see one an element that is, they will be repeated until we desired length dressing element will It composed of 6 rows and Now I will tell you for First we need to type loops
  • 00:30: We will recruit 26 loops ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen
  • 01:00: seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty-twenty one of twenty-two twenty-three and twenty four twenty-five for twenty-six comfort to me I blossomed I usually do well to tie simply elementary fork can then be there is hardly untie It has obtained 26
  • 01:31: loops first and last Now they have it will always edge that is, as tally edge can be look at my I love Channel I think it's every He knows full height each end of four tabs that because such a will such here and rezinochka the remaining 16 loops it is our own pattern so We begin to knit the first row
  • 02:01: memorize these are six rows are now we do they knit us will be repeated constant like this Here there is an element so the first loop we shoot as it we edge Now we have 4 loops knit facial loops 1 2 3 4 Now start to knit Our pattern of the first row 4 we loop again
  • 02:34: provyazyvaem facial 2 3 4 for us need another sleep because here we are you do 4 is now the crossroads we more spoke shoot two loops 1 and loop
  • 03:05: 2 left hinge removed them for our work is there you can see behind front we have two working behind the spokes left needle and again knit the facing tabs 2 Now knit with extra spokes Now we need to These two tabs here So 1 and 2 return of pizza postponed again we start a thread for
  • 03:35: our work and these two loops that we Just returned We need to re-knit facial loops so now here again take extra and needle loop 1 2 2 remove the two loops, we reserve before work So they have sawing It works like this before hand you over 2 facial provyazyvaem when taken in those two
  • 04:08: loops that we left to work must be returned just returned loop 2 and returned loop and knit 2 face them again then again 4 loops facial 2 3 4 now we have 4 loops on the neck here
  • 04:44: it's rezinochki also facial and last bead it will have about purl 2 3 4 and last knit backing since we have it and the lip So because we are Knit the first row overturn our work and knit the second number 2 in our series seamy first
  • 05:15: loop and shoot We channel edge one two three four our loop rezinochki again we were binding facial loops 34 further knit purl loops It obtained 16 loops 16 backstitches 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • 05:52: ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen that we still have 5 4 loops loops is
  • 06:23: our loop rezinochki So they and 1 bead The four we provyazyvaem facial 1 2 3 4 and the last we again provyazyvaem purl since it is in our edge so here we are Knit two rows and turned again our work third a number of first rented 4 Lida our rezinochki
  • 06:57: here they are again provyazyvaem facial 1 2 3 4 knit Now knit our own pattern 2 facial take February 1 additional needle remove loops 2 and We leave them for work here and so for work now again
  • 07:27: 2 facial provyazyvaem February 1 now returns 2 hinges extra spokes this way back thread plant in work and provyazyvaem the two loops we just returned facial February 1 Now back 4 facial 1 2 3 4 4 facial Now
  • 08:00: again take additional needle remove loops 2 We leave them to 2, the following operation provyazyvaem facial February 1 Knit back two loop that we have on extra spokes here and so we returned and knit their facial
  • 08:30: 1 but now our pattern we still 2 remains loops January 2 2 and 4 facial loop Our gum 1 edge all provyazyvaem facial except the last and provyazyvaem wrong like this here
  • 09:00: the next row we have 4 He first backing loop and we shoot 4 facial knit February 3 April 16 backstitches 34 seven eight nine
  • 09:38: ten 1112 13 14 15 16 now again 4 facial 1 2 3 4 last an edge
  • 10:13: also about knit backing so knit number 4 is formed uzorchik Here is such here here this place is so following a series of 5 front side first shoot provyazyvaem 4 facial 2 3 4 Now take additional needle
  • 10:43: remove loops 2 and We leave them for work here and so they work for 2 facial provyazyvaem now returns 2 hinges extra spokes returned thread and brought knit their facial
  • 11:14: Further knit loops 2 8 facial loops January 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 facial Now again take additional needle Here she takes off two
  • 11:44: loops leave them before going to work for the price them provyazyvaem 2 Right back loop provyazat back 2 loops back to left needle and They checked their facial 4 is a further rezinochka facial and last bead will we
  • 12:14: seamy that's how we knit 5 number 6 number of overturned products he backing holding Like all even series the first four loops ie excluding we edge provyazyvaem facial 16 backstitches
  • 12:44: so I have
  • 13:35: many related backstitches 16 backstitches 4 facial 1 bead us It is like this way our pattern It consists of 6 rows here since this is the first series still not very visible then there then I was knitting and so here it is we estate first row ie 6
  • 14:05: series, each element the pattern will stand so you continue to knit further to the required your genes that is, I knitting on the adult amount of head young girl in I got what I He made 19 elements this pattern that is 19 January 6 rows that's the way you are knit
  • 14:36: the required length you need and what you need to do then I will tell you for knitted needed the length of our povyazochki I got it 19 pattern elements as you can then Of course different only need to bandage and the baby and a small head on a great on this teenager on your now we have the discretion It is something we have dovyazali last sixth row that is We have now completed
  • 15:07: close loops and close the simplest way that is provyazyvaem 2 loops together with the right spokes return on the left needle again provyazyvaem together in this way forming here this pigtail when he was out of the loop
  • 15:40: close let all 5 years we close so that's not too tight and very little
  • 16:11: because it will tie here with this edge we it turns over tight as it is 1 So in this way sti close tabs last two like this
  • 17:37: Now closed we cut the thread spawned in the last loop and zyatyanuli in this way Now it turns out all need some a delay and these two kinds from the wrong side that is here
  • 18:07: as we look the reverse side with the underside just hand sew You can take kryuchochek hooks you can make a needle that is how you will be comfortable here Thus, we sew under with edge eyelets connector than the vara what they and our povyazochka ready here such a wonderful
  • 18:38: beautiful pattern I I hope that I clearly explained if there are some questions please contact please feel free to I always comments always look through I say very much hope what did you like if you like it subscribe to my the channel will be the future knit with you yet highly sorts interesting veshchichek all while