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  • 00:00: dear needlewoman I will how to say closed loop three spoke for what it is you need to do three spokes close loops to connect the two parts and close to 1 time them on a loop and on the other it can be make such a shoulder seams to not close hinges first on one piece and then
  • 00:31: on the other part and Then connect them you can do it all at a time in order that we do it to close the loop three spokes need details make each other facial the parties two spokes on which we are part take parallel and that's inside of me see facial the parties are not each another is a
  • 01:01: Now the third spokes We will close these loop and at the same time linking so that we need to do, we provyazyvaem two loops with one loop with one another and the spokes loop on the other spokes you can if you do uncomfortable and will do when they different spokes It is possible loop reshoot on a needle that's how I I assure you that even when
  • 01:31: hinges are on quite different spokes convenient provyazyvat together here we are I 2 with the knit loops different spokes for me on the right needle formed one a loop then I repeat it action provyazyvayu one loop with one spokes and second loop here with this other spokes here they are in my different spokes but I found them provyazyvayu now I spoke on the right
  • 02:02: formed two loop I have here this throw the first loop the second bit you long it spoke one left I enter it here to the right loop and I cover to the left so way more action is repeated once you show 2 loops provyazyvayu one on one, and the spokes with each other front of the loop knit
  • 02:38: I rented from the left spokes I spoke on the right 2 loop and I use the lion one of the left Needle I I cover about the first loop on second like this way we both closed loop and parts are connected This saves time and at the same No, and what time to get very careful and so once again, I'll show you
  • 03:09: then I take one with one loop spokes and the second with other spokes provyazyvayu together throw off is removed from the left spokes and means of one of the left Needle I first I cover the second loop so we We must do to end of the series is act needlewoman here I closed the whole series as a see
  • 03:40: this way that I call closure loop three-spoke and I have two last loop on needles on one and on the other, and Now I have more time show you mean that I do I close 3 loop along with one from the other spokes of eyelet on the right spoke I two loops and the left the spokes of one of the left Needle sprinkles parsley the second loop and that's the way Now I have the whole series
  • 04:11: was closed And now I'll show you what happened front side Think how very neat Reputation and besides, he did not thick with seamy small hand here this line again I show that's very good way to between the first I repeat seams well There are still different
  • 04:41: cases such as I recently came across model description mittens where the toe is closed the same manner I hope I explained clear all the best