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New project. I knit a children's plaid.  See details »

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  • 00:00: dear friends all Hello, you channel I'm knitting Alena today I Want tell you about his new project this project will called children plaid So I made this linked sample here so I have not washed it I am not going to narrate just as I I calculated and how many I need tabs room for those centimeters as I want plaid tie if you It will be wondering what
  • 00:31: after I link This blanket I Knit one more precisely this same write to me I will do master class not tell you how calculate how much it is necessary to sing or In order to link with such dimensions you want me I bought the strings and by how I said one girl that she had knitted with and these threads of I believe like that the thread is not stretched
  • 01:02: no fabric for riding they . it's this here yarn art cotton soft here 100 and 600 grams fifty-five meters percent cotton and 45 percent polyacrylic It is recommended sleeps two with half hook, too washable temperature of 30 degree light ironing
  • 01:32: drying on horizontal surface all you can naturally read on etiketochki here such here motochek so here it is It looks thread very, very soft, I Just do not tell I know even gin say yes here it is unlike jeans if you tried it gets tough than it is not. much rougher here right so soft soft
  • 02:03: like a balloon with someone seal then so I knit 2 strings because such a thin thread here it is very I think thin here it is necessary spokes take not two and a one half thread probably half or two it will be a maximum of Plaid is like my mini plaid pattern what I will knit
  • 02:34: it will be exactly the the bottom will be like this and stocking st connected on the sides I will also be here can show Now, such a tank and It will also be Garter Viscous up this I have my pattern channel if you I leave wondering a reference infobox go look can someone already experienced knitter and you can themselves linked here such
  • 03:05: sample calculate how much you you need to type eyelets for sewing my plaid blanket I I wanted it to be 80 centimeters but I figured he's a I turned eighty three little centimeters properly counted and well, you know, I thought Now here I was knitting for 5 the edges of the loop and here I gained 8 well, that is, More and plaid okantovochka need more so
  • 03:35: add three more cm means This blanket is obtained yesterday began to knit I knit it up in 2 strings have said on the needles with two half knit it Of course in such thin needles hard for the hands tired and thread when two vyazhesh she strings do not stranded between is obtained Here is a tip it is obtained from the spokes
  • 04:06: do not sleep fine not only that tip at all sharp little We need to get Well, how would accustom before so as not to let's get between the threads of between two nitochek I knit because I'm his second day today as I already mentioned in width he was eighty-three centimeters in length I I want it to relate meter then yesterday for
  • 04:37: day due to the floor today day I have already contacted 19 centimeters so at I get then I thought that I about will Knit a day for 10 well centimeters look for two days even half a day I have and I have already almost twenty centimeters to the have 5-7 centimeters today I still contact me I think I will knit his 20 days but I could see and was able to
  • 05:07: be sure to link and 10 and can be for a week but I still have orders so I will mix up, as it were this is to impose then spoke to hands are not very tired of me there even sarafan crocheted Well, as it will change there may be half the I will knit the other half but there I excuse strongly urgent orders because that naturally and summer sarafan
  • 05:37: and even the summer and close no yes and another between Now these reports high I provyazyvayu two line just obtained in facial the front side and seamy wrong and that pattern as it should be 1 to 8 number again start with 1 to 8, but I I see 1 to 8 number then two rows of knitting, I just facial as I
  • 06:07: He told of the wrong Wrong side of a then well, that is, 10 to report ten lines in height a rapport and then 58 since the start and put two front line in right and wrong and they seem to me so not too close to each friend and why I I began to knit this plaid cotton Polly acrylic because little baby must born only to fly early summer I think well, how would
  • 06:38: there is a warm blanket half-woolen like it would be to lay it It is not needed and when there will be cold and may be it will be and then later a little for this baby in a pram just catching PM even to hide the baby who in the summer it will be me it seems very wonderful very soft thread as well, it's on We come up at all probably a couple of days later I lay
  • 07:08: even a video to report on how much I tied let probably a day or two Monday probably today is Saturday Monday could to evening, I'll post a report If your someone interesting about unite stones leave ssylochku a video I will be pass the same look at your preziki and so also for about not dovyazyvaya told me that their 4 left
  • 07:39: then this is one as if one of them but it is as if I have Now consider that this not brought me to Elm just like the beginning I knit up a gum I decided it it does not dissolve just leave until until next year these are not glasses because because it is a wool with acrylic as it is already underway and the summer this is no longer relevant so I have will not my three crushing of and now here I am going to show
  • 08:09: you still here this here this tunic rather I was alone hank needed and and dovyazat and here it is necessary to sit down in one day and and make dovyazat it is but I think that Next week I Highlight one day I did yes I see and thank God I have there will be only two without pressing for better already will that's all that I I wanted to tell you in today's video subscribe to See the new channel
  • 08:39: video Comment sure that put the Huskies will another interesting video all while