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Flowers (roses) from fabric the hands | Tavifa  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I I suggest you do these simple small rosettes of cloth all good mood and let start off production of roses start with stalks for which we use trade diameter wire 1 mm and a length of 12-15 centimeters to
  • 00:30: to you our pup I bought natural look and Colour We Wrap the wire floral ribbon green Izya I cut the bottom and for convenience putting a tip wire floral summer and a little bit Scroll all together floral tape It has adhesive base from the heat of the fingers it it becomes sticky and a well-glued
  • 01:01: one finger We adhere to the tape from two fingers of the other the hands scrolls wire and thus way we wind tape on the wire we will do three roses open flower semi-closed and closed bud so we need three sibel can give now we making foundation head flower for this
  • 01:31: bend the upper edge wire around two millimeters here and form the most head out of the ordinary kitchen foil tear off small a piece system piled forming a droplet droplet must
  • 02:08: get this size so that when It will be inside Your flower is could fully Close Close petals awl pierce and via opening glue gun glue stalk to the base of the head flower for the roses we use satin fabric Two Color green to sepals and lilac
  • 02:39: q for the fabric petals previously treated gelatin and dried proglazhu on three flowers us need 3 sepals Here on this here pattern outlines and cut of cloth green 3 sepal pierce awl in center of each sepals for manufacturing flower petals
  • 03:09: we will use Here is such a shablonchik the pattern in order to make three flower we need range of about 13 14 petal We are putting a seamy side tissue and encircle cut out in the center of each circle of petals vent awl to give our flat convex lobes shape so that they It looked like live we will use special a tool that Bulka called in
  • 03:40: She looks like me so it Bulka Made to order it is machined from solid solid metal rod Now online you can buy in Bulka sets from the very, very small in number millimeters value to large something like these process we will be on the petals Here is such a cushion my pillow is filled sand I made it herself
  • 04:11: they also come from foam of rubber are soft are solid they can be different buy in Internet in the same place where burka or else do everything petals will process equally with seamy side add the preform to pillow and hot heated in the fire Bulka put it in petals and heart presses both if we want to push
  • 04:41: and a little we turn here already found lepestochek also took the form of first to do all petals Now you put Bulka in the center and also Burst so we treat all 13 cogs
  • 05:12: sepals We treat too Bulka first trace co hand twirl out of the corner We put on the very end and spend a little cats and then overturn and inside each part of the sepals Burst Bulka in the middle working with hot
  • 05:46: Bulka is very easy burn your fingers so that do not forget about the technique security the first to do here a bud stalk sticks at the hole in the center our corolla Apply hot glue
  • 06:21: on flower bases now need try to put so that the petals One sign of another spiral like this and close them presses and a little bit glue
  • 06:52: another round petals pasted on top philo vance The adhesive is applied only based We need to Petal overlaps the junction of two others petals where they connected to the lower
  • 07:22: petal to this place is closed like that between petals stints you can no longer add petals but if you really want it is possible to couple the individual petals glue in bud make it more natural pasted the place where it seems to us will look
  • 07:52: the best thing each rosette here here is a small thickening it we do to help foil and Sergey We make small awl ball we pierce his tail and pasted
  • 08:25: glue sepal for that lubricates glue seal we made neatly straighten leaves and forming fingers
  • 08:58: thickening if you kleite not hot And for example the gun pva glue or any other Glue is then meaning that the thickness thin tie wire and when the adhesive completely dry Then the cork but remove the silicone hot glue it freezes very, very quickly so time to grab Even such a short to here such here buds we
  • 09:28: turned a more open bud we go 4 number of petals here is one I already there glue 3 more The adhesive is applied only based and we try to bottom row of petals It falls between the upper between the first
  • 09:59: mother You can also glue a couple of individual petals These petals need paste face hand that they have have turned away
  • 10:29: ago also in those buds We do thickening basis and glue sepals do open flower here I already have 4 rows petals and to make the last row I just take one evening treated
  • 10:59: already cut it into individual petals the last row petals will glue on the underside of both that they would have unfolded and our flower fully blossomed the open flower
  • 11:36: went 4 and 5 I corolla cut endowed Sands but then went 6 petals means 5 and turned 1 petal just both from the buds are not We do at the base thickening and We glue our most leaf here are we turned and roses can find the different application and I I wish you inspiration bye