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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today in our master class we will learn from you do this a wonderful a handbag or you can to say a fender for our sit drive you on perfectly inserted that disc of course there will be cartoon for our baby so, he is us learning that it is his beloved the cartoon is in this kind of cheholchike various cheholchiki and princes can be done from Foamiran is very easy and just simply draw any any figure animated and so we compose cut interesting
  • 00:30: products in our case today call the cock such funny and what we will need to be to make us now know to work for us you need this dense foamirite is it was the same with wounds which I call Chinese it is chinese camera very dense goes to approximately 3-4 millimeter in its density is he is very bitter beautiful and unusual extraordinary
  • 01:00: crafts for he is very Pleasant in work all is obtained perfect product bright color in principle all you need is just for our children ceiling from another camera such as ours Iranian we form do yourself the flowers follow think so prepare the material take fameiran I took blue blue colors from anything front side handbags and back handbag our cockerel then black for pupils white for eye yellow our beak and
  • 01:31: red something we add various our ha ha ray from above and below the beak is us just done this and so it is as for in the world of the model prepared glue this glue I have a dragon universal polymer any principle go glue transparent for work with this document crystal it can be different too by the way a dragon is called little else polymeric at hand there that you are so
  • 02:01: large packaging the pension is transparent glue any you have more prepare scissors pencil or pen easiest to handle draw and pattern look how I did I'll tell you about the patterns I draw all the patterns and I'll give you a link below but in principle you can do I just took our disc on which we will do our sage hutchchik took his angel around and did small allowances for here gluing strictly speaking times the same will be back side will be exactly the same Only we add
  • 02:31: Here we finish our wings more about picked up her eyes pupils of our beak sketched that is all alone only to draw Here and here so here this will all be look like this can this all to draw if for standard is disk usual here is our water then you draw below there is a reference to the top three
  • 03:01: so we begin our I work all the same decided probably textbooks do front side our beer to cockerel so I I wound my already pattern ready before which is down there see accurately plus handle owl neatly second part of what I do to you said the same now we'll see
  • 03:31: us one part if you can then gesture part the other side too make my dense dark for some reason because I do not enough, so here we are . we will make intermediaries know draw like this but not about the weight here wings yes where at us wings here
  • 04:08: draw I will ask so commands battery so Here are some wings on the wall is reverse side
  • 04:40: our cockerel next from the classically cut element so out of the red at night I wear this little bit teardrop figure need to cut here
  • 05:10: So red too the workpiece is ready blue postpone is not I will eat nothing of it do so black we let's make two pupils circle on black it's hard
  • 05:48: see and of course elements drawn Well, I think we have It turns out all the same and blaspheme as blueberries also prepared gave white big our eyes we have or yellow fahmirane
  • 06:25: legs likes to eat things water from white also we are still giving a little bit there are points for beauty for decoration our cock show what kind less than the eyes we we will make them a little bit literally less you can immediately reduce our pattern a little bit and will do still more
  • 07:02: pieces of 6 pieces and you can just draw families and 4 after all About 6 Well now we are each
  • 07:32: our element will be cut cut it very much just nice especially like it Embed children the material is so simple relaxation can be obtained so very nice stuff so we drew everything from you need a pen that our drawing we also cut off or we will simply use reverse side your form our there I do not drawn so it Scallop our flag
  • 08:02: Foam cut and 83 density is not very pleasant funny thicker from red farnirana we all cut out now to our
  • 08:34: black in general let's cut out all elements I will cut them out off screen, yes, we have everything we are ready Come build our the basis is ready now on thin I will lay a thin layer here is the glue literally quite very thin so that our disk is good stopped by this you can To make so tochechkami basically on top only
  • 09:06: we leave more places to our disk could get there in this pocket holiday superimpose over so this is only we do not have we will just take and fresh and all that on will we interfere Just with us pastes here
  • 09:38: synthis I have place is where you can will that amount drive even more it is necessary here here we leave you can even insert drive look then this it will be more convenient to glue to here around the disk everything was sealed up see if you can still need to do here a little even
  • 10:10: on so to make it was more convenient reverse side so you can cut it off it was clear where we the disk comes in well it looks like we can clearly see where the disc enters part carrying away the glued I will now start this before end will dry and glues while we with you will decorate the rest an example at us we help
  • 10:40: where we will have there are eyes where we will have be all we look fa f re phoamiran has this property stretch out the house in we know it be a little bit afraid pull up in the middle here so having formed the beak is so convex time here so here in a way we will glue
  • 11:11: immediately eyes Further we put a glue on the eye our beak that's so light
  • 11:45: touching the eye of both you see with pens will draw here nostrils to our cockerel further we will glue our pupils and assembly is very simple can achieve the goal even use and running eyes I think so it will be
  • 12:15: interest with you early on such more extensive seem So you can draw here here our crooks here So further we will not forget our scallop paste with
  • 12:46: reverse side here from above like this so cute already the truth is further our red element and white dot decorate our gun 1 2 this way
  • 13:32: decorate our cockerel Here is such a beauty we got You need to shade a little bit here our wings are all
  • 14:04: can be cut or gel pen or just buttery the black principle that's it an interesting pocket for children's disc for your favorite cartoons we can I hope I will get it you liked the idea put your likes subscribe our channel because you
  • 14:34: expects a very many interesting and unusual as technician in needlework I think you and ideas liked everything say goodbye to you but still master class show see on what did you get? we are very interested till