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  • 00:00: hello dear on your subscribers I will make the request chicken sausage home for this we need chicken thigh and a set of Spice first we Strip the hip chicken thighs assort along bones necessarily skinning
  • 00:31: so that we It remains clean meat boneless and skinless clipped from both sides cut the cartilage part will chicken thighs
  • 01:01: kilogram of speed and with skins and 600 grams are already tipped without hryaschik of bones and skins [music] pass that we smoothed out, we need to cut into sausage our chicken thigh Well well cut for all just like this large cube then large
  • 01:33: reserve fat all as it should be first all add 150 grams of boiled water add the garlic on grater that it was krupnenkaya seen you can through spadefoot 3 cloves garlic 600 grams of chicken
  • 02:04: thigh now add sing in chicken which includes Dried basil measles dried garlic let black pepper [music] be sure to add till and
  • 02:34: gelatin instant 5 gram necessarily salt necessary things for glasses and all that mix thoroughly you can spoon the brain shovel as you are comfortable Well Well we need the following marinade to our
  • 03:04: hen defend 20 minutes is what happened sure you film should be I film at hand I am taken from fat packages for baking neatly forming just such sausage and twirl menu directly into sausage make it very easily [music]
  • 03:36: and us It needs a foil end our sausage here so here she is very easily twists stifle and ends prepare foil fat spreads album in two layers and send our sellers fully hook and clamping
  • 04:06: tight edge send it in the oven at a temperature of 210 degrees 40 minutes we put baked and of giving it a rest at room full temperature cooling only then you can send our sausage to cool Refrigerate for 5-6 hours and only after that it can be cut and show you
  • 04:36: Well dear Our friends ready delicious chicken sausage and it was her time try cut [music] Bringing natural delicious and quality sausage at home conditions of I am very I recommend this Prepare the recipe for it and you
  • 05:06: necessarily all I wish you get Bon Appetit Have a good mood subscribe to my Channel place fingers up until all