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  • 00:00: hello newer Tkachenko today theme for our Talk to all known fact is, I do not I know principle cottages who would say they do not know biologics is sparring ie most people the vast majority of people who engaged in agriculture whether it be the economy gardeners like farmer knows what fitosporin why they
  • 00:30: I know this because it is one of the best the best products he not even because he best effect precisely because probably all the same it the skill of the people that it did they did it in a form in which almost never ie does not deteriorate if we take any whether liquid preparation there Baikal and plan visa 3 of terms huge mass they once peremerzla it's not even working
  • 01:00: poisoned once not overheated it works sparring made so thick form that is it there from using it in primarily what stabilizes the battery is flop Humate Humate that how to prevent them specially developed inside within this pack allow fitosporin be with little or no life Shelf ie It wrote four years Sargon wall and personally used here is exactly a pack of
  • 01:31: which drug there were more and jacket he really it works well there he accelerates development that is When you dissolve it's already this humate is not like its deterrent factor is the other way around surge in the development of this the bacterial floor that is working the bacterium is paired phase in its whole subtilis when you have seen all You take an old straw Plain Old straw somewhere lifted They trotted out of it When trash fray this is bacillus subtilis
  • 02:01: often it is that is, it is bacterium which places difficult to headed ie organic drug works here the widest range bacterial and fungal diseases such as there blackleg and blight all sorts is has the most Truckers waters watering their land before sowing either that there is some plants watered them the seedlings when they are
  • 02:31: grow in growth of large-scale farmers that will tell you there such an interesting regularity fitosporin very neutral attitude to us and that is even Even if you a supporter of the ordinary progressive land there really reduce him what he fungicides and insecticides and herbicides matter poisons whether it be poison whether the pest this medicine disease no matter what there are not going to like mutually reinforcing effects
  • 03:01: that is, that I have always I advised how to I'm doing everything in I always say, I always alternating ie alternating never hung up like us fitosporin yes it is nice but still it suppresses some one narrow range I can always be me repeat can be by often say about the same but when you work with bacteria drugs you should understand that it live bacteria that is, if you have them pour it on probation
  • 03:31: saying some dose bucket desirable make it so take plastic bucket to pour pouring warm water this rule but whether fitosporin you back it dissolved all as it should be and this bucket poured so much as laid house All construction is very beautifully described it is desirable to give them wake up to here give them at least well at least half an hour at least an hour prior to treatment if process and poisons then do not give them wake ie
  • 04:01: you lock We nailed these poisons yes there on the street disease and last moment added bioflon ie you've added and this fitosporin went to handle the there are contrary to they woke up We woke up already in plants that have It works very well to accelerate fruiting most importantly protects plants against diseases but she always remembered it's alive micro-organisms and that the right to settle in in advance, and then when already there is a mass fall should be 1 times blackleg and when
  • 04:32: It is already in this weight the development of late blight yes that is on potato tomato amine advance preventive visits my girl again ten days treat and your plants you constantly will thank oxbow If you are a supporter natural agriculture yes you are welcome use any of biologics whether Bike is a twin Do they ring Meyer the mass of a huge mass we biologics necessarily on each of them
  • 05:02: Inter attention but if you know that for development bacterial flora we must still Power then you want get really a good result you let's say you are a farmer or just some relatively speaking small entrepreneur or some small hour Doctors immediately Potatoes are the same tomatoes release these men like soldiers say freighter suhpaykom yes that is what you'll see how she shines spectacularly
  • 05:33: plants take fitosporin pour it at a rate and add Now I will show Add to bucket water add a couple spoonfuls of jam that is, understanding that it is necessary to It will be all the same as that drain or jam strain or thereafter Now hasten percent add mono phosphate potassium sulfate magnesium it will just bomb for those people
  • 06:03: that little understand the nutritional for bacteria and ie you can you can see see how develops bacterial flora both as bio factories they develop ie they will using sulphate mono magnesium phosphate potassium and nitrogen content that is yes nitrogenous some fertilizer that is You can turn add at least teaspoon of tea spoon mono phosphate 10 liters of tea
  • 06:33: sulfate spoon magnesium that is necessary it is small bags I took it I mano equ basement 25 km before drying and Manni sulfate suburbs and add there though to spoon urea or urea to the So you understand that you before culture even the whole month and all it's simple take advantage of bacterial flora in you will develop when you that you drizzle sending the same the same or fitosporin Baykal any bacterial
  • 07:04: to fight drug suhpaek it to them suppress all that is you will see the changes several shades greening your plants and they have They are very well grow again If you are a supporter usually natural agriculture is accordingly not I use any mineral fertilizers only a biological product of cons in addition to me she no cons no restrictions on Storage from -20 to plus 30, it is possible to
  • 07:34: withstand any any temperature conditions storage life almost limited so there are different formulation is in my powder people sometimes not like that hopping like soluble so so too with center the attention that is, he did a bit difficult-OPERATION but also for packaging those who used they still fitosporin and often not meeting already soft if a substrate
  • 08:05: it dissolves easily I recommend all the same a 200 liter water for irrigation and It is still liquid the form 110 grams for houseplants again very much emphasis on so it does not perry freezer until perhaps that's all that I have not managed until we meet again health and happiness our destiny to goodbye