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Women's cap spokes " Волны"-Women 's cap spokes "Waves" (#26 Cap)

Women's cap spokes " Волны"-Women 's cap spokes "Waves" (#26 Cap)  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good afternoon today I want to show here's how you can tie such a wonderful hat a lot questions asked link show as tell here there Several variants I have such caps I see here such thinner such life in the fall
  • 00:32: admissible if at Spring's strings are quite thin and withdraw in cap volnushki because the numbers such we have a wave here it is a little cap smaller and then two or three four five six and mind and thinner spokes me Here and there are cap Such is the winter straight cushy here I strings lana year
  • 01:02: and plus baby children's whim double thread to was thicker where we start knitting Beginners knitting scored on gum gum I gained 85 or snip here quite enough for size 5556 even rezinochka very extends well cap itself too well stretched
  • 01:32: and sits on head beautiful gained 80 loops on thin spokes dvoechka to gum was little less than the base web gained 80 loops to by all means that you like knit it the number of loops these now I have one two three four five six seven loops I have 7 rows of bay not then began pattern Now you can
  • 02:03: knit for amount that You need that you no Artist Now look like formed here itself this pattern Now I will show you a then he originally pattern on the second row consider the pattern itself and between them we are four one two three 4 May PM and 5 ie
  • 02:33: we provyazyvaem with you 10 rows facial Wrong and pattern also face Wrong we do We do not change and knit Only the front and purl knit 10 stitches 10 rows of 10 colors that you it on me there are dialed risunochek this here
  • 03:03: knit thin needles rezinochku took list slightly thicker at I have three and a half Now knit 10 ryadochkov suppose 10 ryadochkov tied turn on the wrong side knitting we do here here is the here May 5 le chic bottom series urn forgive
  • 03:34: We leave here at is here between here on the waves this figure but 10 we were binding on see how manner in front petelechka us, we count as 1 2 3 4 5 and fifth picks provyazyvaem together seamy provyazyvaem seamy front January 2 3 4 5
  • 04:04: picks up front and knit the front together again wrong knit a Wrong although in 2345 front picks so are we provyazyvaem you with seamy side
  • 04:35: row knit turn over and Then you look at the we have formed here Such is the wave of this same as here and then we are knit by drawing facial purl Tsiva wrong like this before the end and knit 10 ryadochkov 10 March. can Gulf I here Now knit 10 daughters turn
  • 05:06: turn inside and knit with seamy side picking up a fifth pipetochku the main needle and provyazyvaem two knit together inside out just a drawing here so simple we the way I want show on the main caps that have already It connected you are knitting as there is so much you have I linked a few caps and for medium-sized
  • 05:36: 5554 55-56 we have height 1 February March 4 5 6 7 that's just such waves is optimally is on good women not a small head small and medium-sized size is normal Now do not forget so that we changed the spokes on rezinochku we I recruit recruited
  • 06:06: spokes dvoechku basic knitting three and a half to what to it was convenient rezinochka it should be a little less for a beautiful fit on the head the base web always have here a little bit longer Now top but certainly not the crown so big index here due not so carefully how I would like to but
  • 06:36: crown you close as you want as you know how some general way closes at the top We originally 80 dovyazali loops you Here's our wave one ryadochek after you wave wave tied we were binding on drawing front Wrong then eight times we cut that is 10 loops and whose
  • 07:07: Knit front our we knit together again 10 stitches knit front seamy and so in each row we We start to diminish every 10 loops Chick and while we here are not We have lowered to the its end 10 soul Of course you can remove tie much accurately I it is planned pampas but there will be all that is, as it were, yes crown is
  • 07:39: show nobody I'll be here sew pompom strength and our winter hat here she is so pretty see how well It runs well here It lies at the head of our ready now look here's my started knitting seen that here a little as if to There is a small gap I have asked whether it is possible to knit a
  • 08:09: cap on two spokes can if you can nice to do seam because it is difficult I join the first a pair of caps such Plan also tried to tie I then sew but frankly I not happened because they see the beauty of this caps is that there is no seam, and she and all sides as though it is not wore it it looks nice carefully here so if not circular
  • 08:41: spokes that can be taken I hose Christmas took I have not sold Veasey I think there are seizing knitters and impose not very convenient but You can optionally yes that's why there is no name Naturally, in any If you are knitting hat do you know that Anyway in the at the top end it is necessary
  • 09:11: move on shirts because otherwise I finish honestly do not know how way if you do not hosiery needles here is There are bound to crown and it should be here Our cap such beautiful usually ready almost all caps It takes 100 grams of us adult beanie like typically takes 100 grams of threads but do not call unless
  • 09:41: very thick there Of course consumption will little more and thickness as the adjacent let's say I have 100 gram you well enough you keep within Try to contact 7 light loops and write for later write to Comments like yours happened and show why there is no need to write on I thought boast that the cap noteworthy All around nice