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Elastic set of loops for circular knitting  See details »

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  • 00:00: In this lesson we look at you Italian method set of loops that also called flexible and used in knitting gum January 1 and 2 2 items with the edge this set of loops obtained hence its elastic name and his appearance It reminds edge factory products and so it is
  • 00:31: popular needlewomen but many faced with The problem is that when circular knitting this set of 5 mm is not turns and edge leaves not so as it should be and how obtained knitting turning rows in this tutorial I will show as the loop gain Italian way and I will turn your attention to the nuance which actually It leads to failure Trojan kit Kitty in us
  • 01:02: You need to set spokes and the main thickness for the main a pattern and a set of Needle size thinner than the basic on the floor or on the numbers the whole world too Depending on What you want get products Region performed the first series in different ways but any case direct set of loops is always done pizza Smaller than the remaining spokes take
  • 01:32: worker thread leave enough so long and finally as a set of loops will be produced of yarn going tangle and change the tail tail to tail thread and so take the needle and it will be working under the
  • 02:03: thread left movement right we turn to spoke formed the first loop Now out of the strands coming great we grab the finger thread running to forefinger and print it lift up finger One loop is now out leading to sweep
  • 02:34: forefinger We grab a thread and daughters thumb second loop pay note that our tabs appear different loop 1 We scored one and two-way rest but we are equally seized from under different strands here this Collar looks like and here this front Collar looks like not wrong knot under the needle, and now we
  • 03:05: we continue to set loops alternately We pick up the thread of remember going thumb face turned loop and from going to raise forefinger happened purl recruit the right amount loops have here May 6 7 8 9 10
  • 03:35: 37 38 39 40 we scored the estimated the number of loops 40 and then need score one supplementary sailed for connection the initial series Now we modify all loops
  • 04:05: you nodules were under spokes translate loop console the end of the spokes and distribute our 40 loops + 1 compound 4 spokes 10 loops on the knitting needle on February 3 4 June July 8
  • 04:35: here we postpone We try to keep it up spoke to no twisted our We take a number of typesetting following spoke We translate it fan key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 05:14: take the following spoke 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 10 is now change gently
  • 05:45: check again that Our edge is inlaid twisted translation of the first loop on the left the spokes on the right track for those that it does not changed his position after We pass it through
  • 06:15: coupling loop so the connection loop and throw down the first loop to its place in this way tightens our strings we put together dial-up number and now the time that I
  • 06:46: I told in order to Italian Region get fit knitting and flip begin to knit the other side of the first re-run Rotary number if you do not Italian set loops so we do not get turned our dial-number start
  • 07:17: Knit the other side tail take work thread and knit the first a number of hollow gum knitting hollow gum we consider in but a single lesson but knitting Italian set loops without hollow gum impossible so I the race slightly forward when knitting the first row
  • 07:50: hollow gum purl loop not be removed provyazyvaya nickname remains before works and facial loop provyazyvayutsya if you you want to get tight edge of the provyazyvat loop you need the same number Needle that recruited loop if you want to get more elastic edge then start knitting you need to have the number spokes that will
  • 08:21: I contacted gum already take the number spokes that will bred and gum I knit the first row of hollow gum first Collar with us Wrong, we it remove and provyazyvaem Next we face I provyazyvaetsya facial purl provyazyvaya not remove
  • 08:55: before working thread front provyazyvat front and so on until end of the series so we dovyazali up end of the series and my provyazyvaem following the second row
  • 09:36: hollow gum we knit has the following way purl loop which previous row We filmed them provyazyvaem seamy and facial disavow left spokes on the right not provyazyvaya thread for work purl provyazyvaem facial
  • 10:10: thus rented knit to end of row and so we dovyazali second row to the end of a its lower and now in the next row we
  • 10:40: already knit gum a January 1 or 2 by 2 gum one on earth be lived over facial knitted loops facial Wrong on knitted purl Gum two by two It fits in a bit differently and we We received Italian edge