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STRETChING | the Extension for beginners in house conditions. Part 1  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello to you channel time herd with you Ekaterina Firsova and class stretching what stretching stretching it Stretching is a flexible but it's not just feet it's our whole body so we are We will stretch and legs and back and all major muscle groups to you
  • 00:31: you feel comfortable could emerge iv fold and sit on twine to do everything you want to it needs to reach fully and well correctly is working spine and breathe at all I He puts his all on each workout no matter that I led we will we will correct breathe because if not breathe edge NATO will hurt unpleasant and Takes stretching more than time and if you want it all comfortable but will not tell everywhere will nice but have somewhere but suffer
  • 01:01: still possible accelerate the process if you breathe properly so we always Breathe in the nose exhale through the mouth and on exhaling relaxes the part of the body which have We are not pressed He wants to stretch first we just take a breath and exhale through the mouth nose breath and exhale through the mouth Now hands-free only
  • 01:33: breath breath and again a good job another breath relax the knees starting from the top curl down We go down to the end and bottom hang shook his head
  • 02:05: the right to the left on nod to send your neck reset all stress that we accumulated per day all himself shaken having a length relaxed head back last again full breath exhale I melted like a candle Expires down arms relaxed
  • 02:36: let go of himself even below relaxes the lower back can be a little sit down in knees and slowly up vertebra by vertebra shoulders up to your ears as the if hung on horizontal bar to hang shoulders ears shelter down arms back elbow for themselves
  • 03:09: waist not gnomsya tightened buttocks only true chest elbows to leave me out of here parallel to the slope floor weight on the heel and on the one foot lift stretch Down reset and soft where the head of the last
  • 03:39: inhale exhale tilt We rounded the left side and hung the whole side I began exhaling breath other hand expires for hand down and relaxed right side yet lock behind shoulders
  • 04:20: back and down chest forward thumbs outward and upward even shoulders down embrace itself for the blade pulled elbow Forward relaxed neck slightly tighten up Xia hide breath her hands up his chest and and exhale closed kyphosis
  • 04:51: hand breath for himself chest forward and up exhale rounded spine and closed again inhale exhale hands down untwisted Gray knees out very it is important to warm up all joints to nowhere do not pull no not hurt you all only warmed body to a cold body
  • 05:21: no twine and there can be reached once and more never pull because it will painfully back stop and turn out gentle pressure also scroll by thumb to little finger in We pulled on vzem
  • 05:55: fingers inside one second in the process of stretching your fingers too, involved we draw foot and straight back extend crown keep up Balance rotate left elbow out reveal hip We do swing swing not to fall are drawn crown up actively
  • 06:30: and Russian steel the other leg stretched crown rotate up and exhaling exhalation crown set up wide stance heels vyvorotno it It means inside socks look diagonally in different
  • 07:00: angles close pelvis tightens up jailed newspaper coccyx looks downward thrust of the thigh here we drop-down heels We introduce outside the pelvis back and the heel of the world We are facing the floor of the different sides feeling includes gluteus muscle apart in different directions are tension and we handed push the legs back This breath on inspiration back to the point inside twirled tass exhale heels
  • 07:31: out again pushed the mat in different directions breath exhale your tailbone ago inhale exhale your tailbone back back straight but breath and remained heels push the floor in different sides of the hand push hips back and we
  • 08:01: sways in right buttock in left only Wiggle hips straight pelvis right and left here we have feel internal hip surface hands down developed between the legs strive elbows to the floor slow breath slow exhalation knees hold out for right hand
  • 08:31: opens upwards hands on one line inhale and exhale changed continue curl breath changed exhale more breath knees extended two possibilities legs stretched left are drawn We get a hand up Ceiling weight pushed to change the heel hand up weight
  • 09:04: back heel straight down and lock the elbow hung released loin relaxed here raising body dovorachivat right foot in diagonal and sit down Bring the left and the It sits to the right here we have the body parallel to the floor
  • 09:35: check coccyx back next chest back straight and we We begin to swing here in this position move with your feet on leg moved delayed kneecap We moved to another everything is delayed we move hands sex breath you do not hurry so have time to hold out
  • 10:06: We stay on the right and dovorachivat camping runner position hand left foot the back leg straight again pushed the mat feet in length strong legs crown tyanis and forward legs keep hold knee the top is stretched omit the rear knee relaxes
  • 10:36: foot failed pelvis down as far as he is lowered toward the front Now heels left hand a little bit forward Right hand we embrace his leg look to tighten the pelvis We go into a spiral leg and piss hips and hanging down hang on the left hand about voynushku pressed to his slow breath slowly exhale all while not breathe
  • 11:06: we forget to breathe through the mouth unwinds again hands on the line with the heel and pulled the crown forward back straight tass relaxed to your main He stood under the heel the knee joint's here an angle of 90 degrees yul can barely heel forward move descend put your elbows on the elbow
  • 11:38: on the same line with the heel if you can not yet do take some quilt or blanket books put here her lean on them just above the pelvis relaxed closed eyes breathe slow breathe out slowly return to
  • 12:11: outstretched hand and here are going to turn around close behind stop weight in the front leg We put on the back toe and heel upward We sat down again to the right You know her to him We pulled up to settle in Right here very convenient hand repels knee stop toward the we are drawn hands if so forth until does not work practice be handed over
  • 12:41: everything possible so why can help himself with his hands if you can then We keep pulling keep poplar currently slow breathe out slowly stop the we need it to screw Petra 1 large He looks at the finger
  • 13:11: ceiling thence go to left foot first just stretched position We turn away pose runner on the palms line with the heel and strong legs stretched length field are drawn right heel on the bottom left knee forward and head
  • 13:41: emerges as a forward from the shell slow breath slow exhalation rear foot on the floor relaxed foot then started down hung slow inhale exhale direct where pulls and relaxes this muscle are better moments eyes
  • 14:11: closed and breathe right arm slightly forward and left us We hug the thigh and Xia twirl him finessed down failed tass relaxed hang on hand slow breath slow exhalation to surrender We come out of the stranding
  • 14:46: and again rovnenko drop the elbows on line with the heel if you want something yourself the elbows We put a to was higher than the sky can to remain at arm's length hands while available to choose itself a variant of the head They emerged from both the shell forward all are drawn the spine is stretched breathe battiscopa
  • 15:19: return to outstretched arms We return to the position runner's weight on the left leg dovorachivat camping set right on toe and heel upward We sat in the left leg weight neatly hands if necessary We adhere to Stop the big finger looks up
  • 15:50: even the then a stop at myself and here you come bear arms forward slow breath slow exhalation left knee in side keep so if you have not yet
  • 16:21: you can take Stay at the top position with an emphasis on arms here we go We collect at heels a closer distance knees the same distance abutment heels and elbows faced their knees in different directions tass police hang on hands slow breath slow exhalation straight push your knees
  • 16:51: hands in different side there is an active traction inguinal muscles We accept all Feel sumo wrestling precisely moves in offices and from here we go hand stop at the floor of the foot parallel and reset possible pelvis
  • 17:24: stir relax there all in and through the soft knees unwinds up perfectly shaken legs to unfold in foot profile almost together and we sit pulls coccyx back hands forward we need to press the feet of the ribs stepping on the ankle reset mountain in
  • 17:57: relax the head neck stuck ribs the feet and slowly every breath we We hold out your knees and We stay on the straight on schools and bending elbows presses itself tight fold keep a slow breath slow exhalation are drawn coccyx back up and camping with glue legs wise relaxed
  • 18:28: knees from you you you back forehead It aims at the feet of the neck relaxed and hands-free gently unwinds up slowly not slowly head recent