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Self-made sharpener for knives and the self-made hinge.  See details »



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  • 00:00: greetings to all viewers turn came to video and sharpeners homemade knife Well then how can see, not only for knives Now clamped Machete long enough Now I use I recently intensively honed and well I'm hooked simple to The show received sharpener enough
  • 00:30: most of that is, I initially hoped that I not only to sharpen knives kitchen and urine but here tinker here so I had her doing so well here direct dependence on the amount of waste Dowd's length from this thing because the greater distance here joint to permissible cutting the knife edge to the street and less difference
  • 01:02: since you have acquired as a usually straight with a slight bend in the on the tip of pencil sharpener the stones themselves, they Well that is attached to the they hinge on ie the radius of the walk distance between hinges knife edge it changes and naturally varies angle and the larger rod Stem length than than more than itself Sharpener it turns dimensions the less the overpayment but it turns out there is it is not so important Well of course can
  • 01:33: to be there for the house just then something much more will not be comfortable sharpening so long so Here it is necessary to think Again Stoch Now well here on youtube so many videos there who does the type of Lansky same principle I a pox sharpeners used
  • 02:04: only that I hinge fixed angle sharpener not regulated lifting hinge here as you can see it I fixed and mon cher them self-made I focus on this I put u explain show disassemble it I show how the example do it all very just did not
  • 02:35: all sorts of machines in home I live in an apartment so at whose hands grow where it is necessary to fully can afford angle so as to allow corner me regulated tilting area in which clamped knife there some part of it let's say it is possible and scissors I did so and that the shears can sharpen with this one hand screw which
  • 03:06: pulls the entire device that is, there he is moving from what I picked up a piece of iron I can not say just lie went garage dug there among all heap different here is not that there just came with it here and so let the bottom part of a steel the upper part of the bracket aluminum well, that is, from what is there was not even know
  • 03:38: from what the game of plate that fasten all screws wherein the plate is Universal she would SLR that is, Now that the upper part and can be deployed on 180 degrees to sharpening for example here Now I will try to show on the edge of it to introduce here completely removed down here and so plate this is now it overturns Conversely, and here already pinch the top
  • 04:10: For example here sharpening scissors for example here so that such here he bar thing I decided to go too I looked a bunch of video on youtube who that and does well, that's the way bit by bit there at someone he adopted it is just such a bars in the form of tetrahedral that is not just a game
  • 04:40: vary with different taser carried nazhdachki different from each Here's the part itself this area with Variable shape too this it is not a novelty that's people I did here like watching I chose for himself here such as if the subtleties I do not know the solution others adopted and united in their Again, all each
  • 05:10: free to do so as a it is more convenient because he wants as he Here it is considered the best and Sanders is the most cast it is a piece of wood inside that is, and I have no opportunities here we have very little that It is sold eg buy aluminum bar there well there Cuadrado profile there someone profile makes someone
  • 05:40: piece aluminum plant we do not sold no where So I decided to make block of wood with using their cards well resin and so Sydney jeans it in a single layer there are two words I do not I remember obtyanuli that is, it turns out like before glue and glass Here's the wedges
  • 06:10: stripes on the tree I decided yet obtyanut not the card is for isolating isolate the bar wood from moisture that is, it turns out It will not change shape that is, it does not depend on humidity with all sides close plus get strong enough thing generally very strong thing not crumpled does not bend then glued can
  • 06:40: in principle, I had surface happened rather smooth them pinched between glass pieces glass that is, when they map on the wound well, until she stood and when pressed between glass glass between the glass and the bottom top it with the sides It has been on their own surface We get exactly could to glass strips here
  • 07:10: Now, these are not but stick I made it to that a two-way tape so he is very well come unstuck kept firmly in the same time easily quite easily from of glass surface unstuck not leaving traces ie there is no need to let there be if it is some kind of plastic I suspected that the well Still there will be and cling strongly
  • 07:40: there is all this must be defend survive before there is a new a piece of fresh nazhdachki glue that's why I did this So templates templates So I made through five degrees from 20 and farther aluminum or rather not even aluminum such duralumin tough enough
  • 08:10: but there was me piece of the sheet can be draw from what want anyone that I Wooden video there people do and plywood and there from whole just such thick aluminum plate but who's there I have done so here in brackets it says actually south of Template front figures This common angle the cutting edge which should obtained here did
  • 08:41: that's up to 50 well, there is a scissors there still have a pair of shablonchik make there an angle well, just a little more it was time to do it Hinge as I said I Now make out his I show what it's It is on then you can probably today focused in the two plates and gold between them
  • 09:11: Beads from bearing here which the I had previously been heated cooled well sweet air he it becomes easy treated all bearing steel after leave it very OK
  • 09:42: treated very and drilling and well tochitsya there with a file there etc. sawn it is acceptable to better than stainless steel at least that's then I Drill in hole beads in the middle of a well stock I put there yet in addition, the sleeve copper Well it can be bronn brass bronze someone that is simply from me a copper tube it was suitable diameter and
  • 10:13: internal and outdoor over there well that is inserted if over time change it nowhere difficult when whittle away between the plates that is all mounted on Screw me now! nothing here specially clamped to to a quick lift here's to the plate the rod who was in on the screw Karina using
  • 10:43: a screw mounted in the well, site here here Threaded playground also from something there went on in my old shock absorber from this motorcycle I cut it here that's part of the well, and it way too rod suspension of the same motorcycle here Now I'll walk it Now here's the whole elementary hinge
  • 11:14: generally only three details of the main ball and two plates here this gasket that is adjustment Ball compression ratio between the plates because I have enough free it is made to move from Hotel alu aluminum can Here you can bear paper even as a cult thick cardboard there choose the thickness
  • 11:44: way ball forgot say the ball is necessary after drill hole balls to harden I'm sure Collie game heated all Collie is an ordinary the gas burner and Now different sold in stores which in a can little screwed the same cans and even apply for all here tourist
  • 12:14: burners there for heating food there tea and here is how to do Now these plates I Now there moved I have prepared really sorry brass for real so to spend on example aluminum aluminum plate well, just it is not particularly important Now it's just I will show you how I did it is literally knee only needed
  • 12:45: hammer there fitting sleeve Well I'm still now everything I explain and sewed forgotten say that bars and these darude Well, me too is not sure here just do as I I made because there are in fact options replacement options bars out there that's like how at the apex where they change someone how convenient it
  • 13:15: again and do not limit yourself not hung up specifically what that there here on my here on my way manufacture do so as you wish from the fact that there is a hand there I saw even it's just Naderi wooden wedges there without it he anything on top of them card there is not the ocean you simply glued on outline of an emery the same paper
  • 13:47: double-sided tape or have a thermo-adhesive there cans there aerosol there sprinkled hairdryer warm and stuck ie the need to Again unstick warms He easily out again becomes the not easily torn off full options a full do as the to repeat since you feel comfortable as you see fit here
  • 14:18: With regards to site which are clamped knives, as I have already she told me eliminates the mirror i.e adjusting here screw and they Platen They can not change places that I have So tighten and Aven here to rearrange
  • 14:49: can, in principle, even Now this site but now deploy show This should not matter to clamp here scissors because scissors their knives are not they need to be set it is here and so vertically put corner there is sufficient Now here is a great I'm such a decision
  • 15:24: apply in their sharpeners repeat it this does not necessarily to do so shall ye do as well as you wish Now I adapted here I took on a stool piece of furniture furniture board stands I have corners quite often I I use it like not sorry to spoil beat what we need in order to molded side plates for
  • 15:56: joint needs any basis hard enough severe in metal apartment this can be weights dumbbell with changeable here is interchangeable on small pancakes Now there may be a pancake use quite of dumbbells in my Now there's just a pancake from sawn logs you where there will Well damn, I do not remember where I took but
  • 16:26: he just has me now quite often I use no opportunities flat course something more large have there such as anvil who lives in his lady with longer test options out there garage where there is such piece rail rails or some any massive metal part as anti from cars some
  • 16:56: attractor which anywhere there is suitable The more massive the better the less it ie jumping let's say if small details are still possible on some small glands could there if molded something heavy big massive Moreover, it is desirable that was the basis to heavier But beyond us dinner dinner the ball that suits you for your hinge is there ipad bead need so pick up the sleeve
  • 17:27: to our ball I passed through bush that is in as template and yes that will sleeve Here's an example that's it is too small that is, if we flatten Well give it to knock on plate it early or late in the wall sleeve abuts a ball and just cut through at We will just hemisphere no walls here need
  • 17:58: chosen so that between the gap was as if + 2 material thickness of plates Aluminum her Example I show how do you need to have whose diameter Ball add 2 thickness of at least 2 well plate thickness it is of course there when molding will be slightly stretch but thins advice somewhere else about 0 5
  • 18:29: half a millimeter add diameter so But in this case, Now bearing me there are 302 even though he It is ideal for this thing's ball falls zazorchik zazorchik there have enough well plus one pack here bearing edge which is also rounded Here, for example if some iron Al knock a piece of pipe there is some kind of fit better still need to
  • 18:59: needle files round off edge to smoothly metal flowed back But beyond simply set aside confusing set put sheet is first lightly envisage where she Here is what is She charted charted already further nowhere not get to the ball It is already beginning bend and even seen start and
  • 19:31: naturally it is desirable is centered on the center of the hole Here you can here view expose to put it differently It will be what or side repaint and will not very smooth spherical part is just scared We wanted to start
  • 20:05: then there's mold so no small detail of the plate such as brass the game should be plasticity because have brass or e.g. duralumin silumin if there Dowd Well aluminum aluminum here just like to example they do not molded stretch burst ie We need brass plastic that increase will not improve
  • 20:37: plasticity platoon name brass sleep at all copper, brass amethyst copper and its alloys they are based on copper We need to anneal ignited it Nimitz bit wrong as steel i.e. quite the contrary there how to make heated to red Well there I Temperature Now I do not remember always like that on the eyes I do it here and sharply cooled in water
  • 21:07: it becomes softer and plasticity that is, to make it Well firmer in quotes relatively harder still is not carbon steel it is the other way around but heated It cools the air like this and makarom even during a time molding time can form folds well especially when it comes large some but suddenly it will come in handy that's what it's for example here is a mold here here obtained metal
  • 21:37: he seems to be flock there as well how's plate a large area here radius decreases begins of warps obtained folds like this on circle them periodically and take e.g. so here makarom straighten that is not once the entire depth molding but on little quietly there first bit Here's how here where UIS so I did not thick enough
  • 22:07: about the size before the ball here folds you we can not even to see here farther we needed depth well in this case for the hinge is needed 50 half percent ball size can be slightly less than such If this happens zazorchik between it can well plates adjust the same cardboard busy there or a piece of animeshki there beer cans like
  • 22:37: I have something adjusted so the free wheeling the ball was still just about almost we have prepared and what else we will need to I do not know how will show Now you need to circle here one way or grind off well try it now increase here
  • 23:07: a circle that's the part of the cut if whittle il was cut Drill Drill the I have to get Here is such a thing to the outside of the ball at the we get here so he can see it here will be the opening and
  • 23:37: it will supply the It has a diameter that's free again diameter depends here this hole depends on what you will have a very rod length itself sharpeners that is, the less than the less fewer stem itself you It will have so bend than what's karma walk at at when It will whet one edge of the cutting edge
  • 24:07: to another it moves than dlinshe the less the angle of displacement there is less here hole that's hole will need to be I do not know how can we lighting I ' here we will see no I hope it will be seen as form is already very hinge yes there cut his fix the same arbitrary shape so as you wish so Here's how to make a you can see all easy enough any difficulties
  • 24:37: it does not cause fine form here things very easily It is shorter than the longer the more difficult course there is no mention of Now these folds irregularities that but that is obtained the principle of the principle of one same here so I wanted to point out never shown I put this point
  • 25:09: the hinge itself here he gray here himself the hinge is mounted well, Here is my version of my we are here I Drill hole ie a groove cut through Drill hole to behold this part of this part of it shrank enough easy because the screw
  • 25:40: there M4 entire bottom such a weak inserts taken But with the ball at opening this Makar pull it collected and clamped here on the stem that is not well have to do so maybe once You come up with their own way It could simply here is one of options like that all simply and easily Elder just as they say
  • 26:12: eyes are afraid but the hands do here on this perhaps all this I finish if any questions if I do something suddenly missed something I missed in this matter then ask as opportunities will answer thank you for all attention to the following video I hope she does not Recently, I have an idea
  • 26:42: I have a lot of different yet have something to share