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  • 00:00: and so now I will show how can copy picture on those sites on which pictures copy you can not not get there is a closed function what I'm talking about such as for example here here we have opened image on any site this site is dedicated birds and there is click right button here I have an opportunity save picture
  • 00:31: as you can see not all return to search through which I am on this the picture came here too, in principle, any picture can save as save as any here we open save as you can see there are some This is impossible to make here is such site and everything on he got a son boxing dot com to her I yesterday this one profile I bought from them
  • 01:02: by the way excellent under I'll show you movies later yesterday will redeem the battle was delivered means that I want say that they do not have this function copy copy picture as commandant I need here I click the right the key in the picture and in principle nothing happens as it is possible copy on this case this picture they are also we took something somewhere control on
  • 01:33: on that page on which we just were with us opens completely all information on pages now press the contour f and write. can be tapped without a dot but I'm used to writing rightly here we have 27 pictures that are on this all of these pictures that here opened particular from
  • 02:03: this backpack and then this portfolio earring Our task now is find that picture which we need will have several time to clap on principle it's not no it's not not first allocated DPS link because it is written here original bright leather backpack so that this is unlikely to us well likely the following because a bag of pictures the following
  • 02:33: leather bag but functionally leather bag size 970 click on here you see this distinguished from jeep clickable reference and sooner all that in reality through will open in a new the window yes, please, this picture here she was a small enough all of me actual size in which she was driven to this king is right by pressing yes appears opportunity save as save as at once
  • 03:03: there is a way save where You can but we all wish you success to you this come in handy I think especially this is useful for bloggers for every possible warehouse is not walk but want fill your site beautiful texts and mansion pictures good luck you will not