Reproduction of a lily scales. It is a lot of free bulbs from one!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and truck farmers again with you I meet yulia me on the channel in whether the garden is in the garden and today we are with you continue the topic of how all the same, we do not have extra costs multiply that we assume from one flower it turned out so a lot and today I want to talk just that as we can with you how can you multiply poured lilies with scales right now it's just the same time
  • 00:31: when you can proceed to this this is what this procedure that we need for this will be needed of course this line now them but the sea what only is not present but The prices are of course if lily is good then the price this is his biting come at times look and think 0 well buy you not one In general to me lilies very much like when when they blossom it is in the group they plant one by one Lily but alas in general it is quite expensive
  • 01:02: and that we will be with you but we will do so we will have many years but I want to to warn that here this flake in the first year it is yours, of course she will not reduce it will build up the the bulb will bloom the next year but I I want to say no trouble because you will see still flowering this is the main bulbs means owls now we'll see
  • 01:33: Here we are today with you here such a lily propagate see white tubular extraordinary chic ordinary TV with such subtle aroma of everything I am always very for a long time I go and pick tubers for it I'm leaving right away straight I do not know not five and not ten minutes and so on now we will see and if we here and so touch it see we can here these are all the scales Here they are the last
  • 02:04: how would they we drop them now we will root with you try it like this neatly poddevaem and separate our flakes when we separate several scales already The following are very very good ie separated see how much we we can from this lines to separate scales here and this is perhaps you see all who here they are easy
  • 02:34: we separate them we will remove these I will clean all scales they are not living scales rotten nothing very, very Good Well more I will not to separate the scales this is enough very big number of hours i then I take it I must I powder in pledge because well, on just in case there were no there is nothing behind her now this one sachet
  • 03:04: do not throw away it is absolutely not needed but I do not kick these will use because I think which is not very very dry they quickly dry out here you can even see jokes who themselves I fell off that do what i do again in this package in which I bought I take the relief wet coconut substrate it could be for heaven's sake I'm here coconut substrate and put in I have it bag
  • 03:34: wet why not salary again in this package because package with holes and plants will not rot now I I take it now in steppes froze his nameplate lily with us be sure not to lost not the main bulb and here in this I ship the main bulb in
  • 04:06: refrigerator tray for vegetables there they will be stored until disembarking do not need one now plant a pot what i tried i put in a pot but what happens is that Libya shakes the light very quickly and she us will not make you happy on the street flowering of water and for the bulb is not very well here you see here these I already separated this is the same year I have here in this state they lie in the refrigerator that now we will
  • 04:36: do i use this is the bucket it can be a package well, in principle with a bucket it is more convenient to work it is much more convenient that we do we take a bit so our substrate of coconut but you see what he's like me he is not very small he is like this that's fibrous it most likely from but for orchids can be use that is not a small substrate for seedlings
  • 05:06: but that's it well that there were such fiber or that was could so everyone did that's how it all got in jak lily in our bucket without differences involuntarily like this we are laying out our scales to which It will fall without the main difference is that we put the bucket in put like me go further tell me again this epin but I use does not matter
  • 05:36: stimulator of growth on just in case for I can see the safety our bulbs of scales return sorry sprinkle it like this slightly and pin the diluted cut it's literally two or three a drop of a liter water and this semi-dry loose coconut substratum I fall asleep like this our scales all our scales are sprinkled like we
  • 06:06: we proceed further I I take in a package cellophane if you do not feel sorry for the bucket is cover it can be and the lid I use eras I like dressing like this tied up rope to create a kind of the kid took not a bucket is enclosed second less please can it be a container but you should understand depending on how much you will be about germinate these
  • 06:36: scales you can do this do everything by containers in the package in cellophane me somehow not very I like it all the same in Katyns somehow poudachnee do in the container will do I'm not I am engaged in varietal flower breeding so I sometimes ask what grade but I can not answer because if I I like the beautiful I plant all of me a flower pleases us proceed further in our film like this we we do much much here but perforations
  • 07:08: we make many such Here are holes for what in order not to happened for attention Our scales and here in this condition, we lead to I put literally anywhere but can stand should be on the windowsill or on a table in the dark where do you have a place there and put and ports germination depends on the scales in all differently all depends on temperature and that of the quality of flakes to
  • 07:38: So it is like it says a lot reasons here today We are 14 February with you I'm sure you show how many days will go by flakes and that we will with you to do with them next today we have 4 February with you was yulia me him on the canal in the garden whether in the garden buy lilies and they you will be pleased bloom until