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  • 00:00: let my dear and favorite mistress art lovers circus starts they do not throw very confident limits I tell her about how to perform Shoulder seam at when the hook Bella allegiance not I face a very smooth surface some drawing or may we It turned out not quite smooth edge so way execution shoulder seam at
  • 00:31: the hook save the situation as using hooks you can do connecting joints sleeves when we revered hands get a very neat and tight and quietly let we will see I suppose it two parts of product and I need perform here top example I put the shoulder seam two articles face each other here I have left
  • 01:02: MIC her long I will perform connecting seam using hooks hook I take my always hook 2 here Posted 2 and 1 I millimeter them easy to work with any thickness of the thread you better see how means you are comfortable here I have here is Wrong loop here she is given here I have here of mirroring Now I have to face that they are here and so coincided and usually we were binding
  • 01:32: I do not know pigtail chain is It called hook gently hit it and introduce a loop top pigtail which was formed When I close Rome row immediately I look like me here coincided Wrong always
  • 02:02: night coincided the front face I have coincided more time pulling and immediately in the same loop spend so again in the same way whether he Now I have this chain
  • 02:35: obtained I flip here I have a loop in the loop you around the street seamy wrong here nothing is rayed no holes no more accurately I continues to perform this chain ie podvozhu
  • 03:10: under an upper hook pigtail at the top loops are formed when and the closure of a number of well I reach the end of the series like this has turned seam he looks like a network side the wrong side of it It looks like this here chain that was formed when I fulfilling connecting seam using a hook and
  • 03:40: I hope you had very interesting and clear writing questions will be glad to answer them happy to see you soon meetings