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  • 00:00: May 3 good how do I do first day after cabin stylist making haircut always nice spread hair and color It appears mega volume but after washing head home I back to reality hair hanging like icicles before me I had to spend hours cast over to hair achieve the effect of lush head of hair today I will lead four methods creating volume in a not sure that every
  • 00:30: will find its way to first and most simple version of it hair dryer and round comb Now in stores You can find a carpenter two in one of the downsides course at daily use and hairdryer dries hair to hair is not made salon ispey to use for the protection of the option is great suitable for those with one short hairstyle, or
  • 01:00: haircut cascade from the pros want noted that in addition to hair volume and straight, and on the tips create beautiful bend this method is very fast and suitable for those who are in a hurry it course plus and the effect of the downsides temporary ice rink for In order to shed amount needed use lacquer or
  • 01:31: mousse next option Powder drink and sometimes useful go to laying in Salon learn a lot new in one of these hiking and I met this powder which has become my pet and the case in is that this method It has a lot of advantages separated by a small I spray strand puds on the ax and fingers rubbing the hair is the same in hair at the roots begin harden podelyvayut so
  • 02:02: will be five weightless powder enough to sense here This wand already two , the effect of volume hair face up to the next day all It depends on the density Hair course if you wear a hat or strong wind the volume may be need to return run fingers hair and lifted from
  • 02:32: At minus Next hair day or so tidy have washed head powder it hair so suitable for both blondes and the Brunette Melas of course, that sooner or later powder over and have buy again on hour cheapest way of of those previously made fleece so little strand and from the inside Body 56 and even strokes 7 from top to bottom, and I
  • 03:04: cheats trained question one such special why I did not held for an hour after communication Sasha program stylist It was I realized that all this while I spoiled their hair he did not He told how right thing to do fleece must be separated strand and making two light stroke with outer and inner hand that is generally four times very light traffic and above all we must do the two sides are now
  • 03:34: fleece keeps all evening and if with lacquer that in fact you from minuses still hair injured so do not forget about hair care remember the drier hair the easier and faster hair break never wash head if you have a bouffant otherwise then have to rip the hair from
  • 04:04: roots or shear so We need to comb hair dry before washing the fourth way of my childhood was very cool to come to disco hairdo Caffrey I had a huge tongs with different nozzles flying at market there miniature lectures these forceps goals are other
  • 04:35: root volume It has fine forceps notch and the plate itself is very thin on my tongs and it has pobilis I choose three modes second 150 degrees not to buy their hair tongs placing and parallel to the parting clamp between plates on my tongs heard click view 1 2 3, and makes the next step down, I
  • 05:06: I am doing all three or four steps down Price of course tall and is a minus but the effect will last much three days, these tongs even cope with curly disobedient and coarse hair after you rascheshete hair will drink from the opera also these tongs will appeal hairstyles fans if you walk across the length hair these tongs
  • 05:36: it will effect Alla Pugacheva or lion's mane hair will be airy of this mass can make Killer hairstyles and I tell you about it you in the next video now and start download mini-lessons departure to that essentially helps when there is no time Watch the whole lesson all very much I do see you next video bye Bye