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Cottage cheese yeast dough for EASTER CAKES and pastries  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everybody Today I will teach you cook very gentle very very air tasty yeast the dough out of it then you can cook any buns cakes cakes anything we will need butter eggs These are the yeast high-speed I use for baking packet of vanilla Sahara salt plain sugar vegetable oil cottage very me Lately
  • 00:31: I like to do this pastry with cheese it obtained uncommonly air and of course the same hand, and milk, and so Getting Started milk well We warmed up to it It was enough hot send there teaspoon salt with a slide to the dough was unleavened and add one tablespoon granulated sugar then add I sachet of yeast usually I use the saf
  • 01:01: moment fast-acting for baking there 12 grams pour the yeast We give a little milk from stand just do not mix lest was formed lumps and more neatly like this fork from the center We begin to stir and the next step we Add the flour here flour will add gradually immediately Again that was not lumps and mix the dough should have
  • 01:32: consistency as it a thick pancake the number of products I will then I write a video to be so clearer we made it a kind of steam look how density it should and now we have covers it towel reserve
  • 02:03: then proceed cooking filling our test cottage cheese mixed with add eggs sugar and again mix up uniform consistency is not here should be no
  • 02:33: Now lumps here also add to the cottage cheese I softened butter I never use margarine only butter me often it ask why I answer this the question is always only oil, and here is to taste additional I will add flavor packet of vanilla Sahara excipient our test ready as soon as our dough
  • 03:04: came increased twice the number we get it and test a little likeness hinder we take extra air then we here add our curd Do cheese stuffing additional and Stir until uniform the consistency of the way speaking couple standing at me in a warm place about an hour and more add the sifted
  • 03:37: flour gradually until thickening test and then cover with a towel and dough We leave in a warm place and as soon as it increase in volume twice again his likeness and remove excess air
  • 04:07: look what the dough is obtained soft and on again add the flour We achieve that consistency to the dough can be vymeshivat already the table all the time I I use silicone mat how much hygienic and We begin to knead the dough is already on the mat We use flour to the dough is not stuck to the desk
  • 04:38: and also I use vegetable oil just pour in from bottles on the dough and I continue to knead she and their hands are not sticks and more becomes more air more mild as you can see in the kneading process I him greased with vegetable oil to avoid was formed crust on the test and here in this way I I am doing more just that I have
  • 05:09: knead the dough I leave him to come again punched again Knead and more I come up and give out in this way I probably do test somewhere three hours four that it was very good and All our soft dough ready to give him another time to go further already preparing thereof our products