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  • 00:00: coat on one side This luxury items from considering other our climate features necessity Today's program we not only tell about the latest fairies Fur fashion but also pick up expired styles under our coats imagery business office at daily sports perfect mobile option for avtoledi and evening for exit light as you
  • 00:31: learn how to to care for coat how to identify quality fur and where it is better to buy choose a joke for Each of our way we will work with fashion expert if you prefer classics and give preference aspiration impeccable option will be strict for you strict coat coat and possibly trapezoidal which can be worn skirt different skirt styles different love me really like when that's like 9 combined with
  • 01:02: small compact collar on my look here today many such here elegant chic or something let's call it so trends in fur fashion industry is now most varied legs all kinds but Mika we today dwell on the loved by many Siberia points Norgay quality fur Mink should be the same throughout elastic length and silky to the touch real mink seen right and bright and shiny them some even compare this shine place of diamonds so buy quality and Hubble
  • 01:32: button top proven shops One of the interesting brands of the season stencil Our dyeing of fur fitted flared from top to bottom style of this print did even more feminine and of course the original transition to a model for mobile and Mobile over the thief small suit tiny bug with the woman wineskins will be feel great joke would not hamper its movements that may be a joke from a short nap can be a coat of wine pile anyway
  • 02:02: woman can sit down scam you good kids again I want to pay attention to how recognize qualitative one the easiest ways to check on strength quality mink is to take a few hairs like taking and a pinch of salt and shake if the hairs remained in place the it is reliable and coat qualitative limit yourself one shaped designers are also here not recommended jokes can be both straight cut so once deprived trapezoidal and in some cases by flame will
  • 02:32: fur vests who recently while gaining growing in popularity we are waiting for further last vechernika a great option night cap it just for our suit that's funny Sleeves of this model removable here small tidy lightning that can a wave literally magic sticks turn long sleeves short it is suitable just for romantic Dates for publication of light for celebrations events in our I would have turned the case said bohemian image perfect
  • 03:03: tandem nobly blue mink velvety deep blue with overalls regal bella note deserves special attention It will be fine in harmony with any and evening and cocktail dress and it is believed that a fur coat can be selected by temperament moderate and cool people fit with jokes long fur they give confidence will smooth temperamental disposition asot short jokes fur but personally, my them important to you it I liked this beauty demands Attention & Care
  • 03:33: crowded but not mad principle not to mink coat also its winter necessarily you need to walk a summer ventilate most importantly enjoy your jokes and then she a long time will give you my warm and beauty Tatiana was with you Mahina is also fashionable trends in clothing Spring-Summer 2013 read on our website repaint dot ru program blocks with your own eyes all best before See you at the seventh channel